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Disclosure of Contracts Over $10,000

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On March 23, 2004, the Government announced a new policy on the mandatory publication of contracts over $10,000.

This Web site provides information on contracts issued by or on behalf of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC). Every three months we will be reporting contracts awarded by the institution in the previous three months.

Effective October 31, 2012, amendments to the Guidelines on the Proactive Disclosure of Contracts require that contracts over $10,000 issued to former public servants in receipt of a pension under the Public Service Superannuation Act after January 1, 2013 be identified as such.

In response to the recommended guidelines of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, effective April 1, 2014, the department has made changes to how it shares contractual information. These changes include disclosing:

  • Contract amendment information if the value of the amendments exceeds $10,000 as well as if the contract contains options for additional time or quantities. For contract amendments, the original contract amount is indicated in the “comments” section and the amended value in the “Contract Value” section.
  • Standing Offer Agreements and Supply Arrangements available for Department use. This information will be displayed with a zero dollar value. However, contracts awarded under these agreements will be displayed as normal, should they exceed $10,000.

For records prior to April 1, 2014, standing offer agreements and supply arrangements were not previously disclosed.

The rules and principles governing government contracting are outlined in the Treasury Board Contracting Policy. The objective of government procurement contracting is to acquire goods and services and to carry out construction in a manner that enhances access, competition and fairness and results in best value or, if appropriate, the optimal balance of overall benefits to the Crown and the Canadian people.

Publication of contracting activity is subject to the requirements of legislation including the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. Accordingly, some contract information may not be posted.

The Pro-active disclosure of Contracts is now available in Open Data. In addition of offering better filering and search capabilities, this site offers a single portal for contract information of multiple federal government departments and agencies.

For more information on government procurement, visit BuyandSell. Additional information on specific contracts may be available at Tenders.

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