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Completed Access to Information Requests

December 2013

Request Number Request Summary Status of Completed Request Number of Pages Disclosed
A-2012-01785 Briefing books, transition briefings and briefing notes prepared for the new Minister for Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (Feb 15-22/13). QP material prepared/used by Minister and/or Parliamentary Secretaries (Jan 28-Feb 15/13). Disclosed in part 859
A-2013-00358 Internal memos, reports, emails, position papers & communications on lawsuit from the Truth & Reconciliation commission, re: disclosure of docs about the lawsuit itself, docs pertaining to disclosure process that withheld the documents. Sept 2012 to now. Disclosed in part 339
A-2013-00396 Obtain complete copy of the deliverables associated with the following contracts (see attached sheets). Obtain all reports, research, studies, analyses, survey results or research from the following contracts (see attached sheets). Nothing disclosed (exemption) 0
A-2013-00858 Copies of audits done in the last calendar year for any companies audited under the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB). Disclosed in part 240
A-2013-00977 Any record relating to potential service level impacts on program activities reduced through restraint measures announced in Budget 2012 and detailed in Annex 1 — Responsible Spending. Disclosed in part 150
A-2013-01091 All records, from Jan 1, 2013 to present, related to projects funded through the ecoENERGY for Aboriginal and Northern Communities Program in which expenditures were not made for the approved project activities and the investigations of any such projects. Disclosed in part 113
A-2013-01125 Any documents pertaining to the "Eskimo Experiment". The types of documents I am seeking include, but are not limited to, reports, briefing notes, memo's and correspondence. Disclosed in part 371
A-2013-01165 Provide copies of all contracts and funding agreements with the Pembina Institute/Pembina Foundation since January 1, 2005. Disclosed in part 139
A-2013-01193 Copies of the following allegation files held by the Assessment and Investigation Services Branch: 2013-170-1 (Saint Marys), 2013-110-9 (Ts’kw’aylexw First Nation), 2013-140-11 (Manitoba Association of Native Firefighters), 2013-150-17 (Alberville FN). Disclosed in part 8
A-2013-01202 All briefing notes to the Minister for the month of September 2013. Disclosed in part 13
A-2013-01330 Copies, redacted or otherwise, from file E5667-08005, Vol. 1 11/1957-04/1986, Acc. V 93-259, that were not provided within our previous informal ATIP request (Informal 12/012) with in AANDC, BC Records Office) due to "Solicitor - Client Privilege". Disclosed in part 56
A-2013-01347 All documents, number and types of investigations carried out by Corporate Security in Indian and Northern Affair Canada from January 1, 2011 to October 22, 2013. Disclosed in part 591
A-2013-01348 Copy of all records generated within the department between Oct. 15, 2013 and Oct. 18, 2013 mentioning Elsipogtog First Nation, Rexton New Brunswick, Hwy 134, Mi'kmaq Warrior Society, Southwestern Energy Resources Canada, SWN and Big Cove. Cove. Disclosed in part 254
A-2013-01351 All correspondence from October 17, referring to Rexton, NB, Elsipogtog First Nations, SWN Resources, and/or RCMP involvement in the area from the Intergovernmental Relations, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Oil and Gas Management directorates. Disclosed in part 254
A-2013-01413 Complete list of all federal funded on-reserve schools in the province of Saskatchewan, including name of school, name of reserve, and address (with postal code). All disclosed 7
A-2013-01415 Nominal roll per grade, and high school graduation rate, for each federally funded on-reserve school in Saskatchewan, per year, since the 2010-2011 school years. All disclosed 22
A-2013-01416 Total legal costs for the department for each of the fiscal years 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012 -2013 and for 2013 from end of last fiscal (March 31 2013) to Sept. 30, 2013. All disclosed 7
A-2013-01418 Legal costs as of Oct 31, 13 for the department for the Harry Daniels v. Canada case, the department for the Pictou Landing Band Council and Maurina Beadle v. Canada case and the department for the child welfare case at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. All disclosed 7
A-2013-01420 For Pays Plat, Aroland and Ginoogaming First Nation the following info: Whether they assumed control of its membership rules and list pursuant to s.10, or if it is subject to s.11 of the Indian Act. A list of the reserves and/or settlements. All disclosed 43
A-2013-01421 Electronic (delimited text, Excel, json, xml etc, but not pdf or image format) file of all of your employees, their positions and their salary classifications, as of the time this request was filed. All disclosed 118
A-2013-01430 Correspondence between the Federal, territorial and provincial governments, as well as any internal correspondence within the Federal government related to the staging of the First Arctic Winter Games in 1970. All disclosed 21
A-2013-01435 Cabinet records related to the staging of the first Arctic Winter Games in 1970, including but not limited to minutes of cabinet meetings and supporting documentation. Does not exist 0
A-2013-01443 Please provide any emails, briefing notes, memoranda, Blackberry pin-to-pins or other documents/correspondence related to shale gas protests involving the Elsipogtog First Nation in New Brunswick between June 1, 2013 and Oct. 31, 2013. Disclosed in part 254
A-2013-01445 Copy of all documents showing all total costs in money spent / year to renovate or improve AANDC offices in Gatineau from 2005 to date. All disclosed 66
A-2013-01501 Obtain a complete copy of all documents and invoices showing all forms of awards and gifts purchased for public servants, executives and the deputy minister, from 2006 to today, November 20, 2013. All disclosed 163
A-2013-01503 Access to an electronic (delimited text, Excel, json, xml, etc, but not pdf or image format) copy data in the agency's system used to track request under the ATIA. Please include request for the fiscal year 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 to date. Disclosed in part 66
A-2013-01518 I request an Aug. 1, 2013 record Tracking ID ESD1460 iin which the minister was informed about issues related to the Blueprint of the First Nation Education Act. Does not exist 0
A-2013-01519 I request a Sept. 5, 2013 record Tracking ID ESD1504 in which the minister was given an update on Blueprint feedback. Does not exist 0
A-2013-01523 Minister, Deputy minister, ADM, BC region and education staff outgoing and incoming text messages and blackberry messages between: February 14-21 2013, March 1-9 2013, October 14 - October 19 2013. Does not exist 0
A-2013-01526 Copy of post award audit conducted by AANDC on Venture Healthcare Inc/Aboriginal Health Services Alliance to ensure compliance with requirements of the Set-Aside Program for Aboriginal Business. Does not exist 0
A-2013-01527 Copy of post award audit conducted by AANDC on Pedabun 35 Nursing Inc., Canadian Health Care Agency Ltd., in Joint Venture to ensure compliance with requirements of the Set-Aside Program for Aboriginal Business. Does not exist 0
A-2013-01549 All AANDC generated documentation regarding Request for Proposals (RFP) number 20-13-0028 Subject Matter on Policy and Regulation in Elementary and Secondary Education. Disclosed in part 136
A-2013-01557 Copies of records related to a review or audit regarding Moravian of the Thames /Delaware First Nation, Chief and Council specifically audits or drafts relating to the years 2010 to 2013 been completed up to and including the date of this request. Does not exist 0
A-2013-01558 We would like to receive any information (documents and mapping) that will provide knowledge of the land claims of the Première Nation des Abénakis de Wôlinak. All disclosed 126
A-2013-01567 All Quarterly Returns (1952 - 1971) and/or Enrolment Returns (semi-annual 1971 - 1966) for students attending Timber Bay children's Home, or any reference to such returns. See, for example, file blocks 1/23-26 and 672/23-26, and E4365. Does not exist 0
A-2013-01573 All deliverables provided as of the date of receipt of this request for Merx Solicitation # 20-11-0169 "Nutrition North Canada - Northern Food Retail Data Collection and Analysis". Does not exist 0
A-2013-01592 Copy of the following briefing note to the minister: "Authorization to amend a contract federal negotiator hourly rate," dated 05/15/2013, tracking ID TAG4350. All disclosed 8
A-2013-01593 Copy of the following briefing note to the minister: "Authorization to amend a contract federal negotiator appointment," dated 06/27/2013, tracking ID TAG4474. All disclosed 4

You may contact our office by email at Include your full name and complete mailing address as well as the file number(s) requested. For any further questions with regards to this process, contact our Access to Information Directorate at (819) 997-8277 or Fax: (819) 953-5492.

Please note that while the list is available in both official languages, the responsive records are only available in the language in which they were originally created.

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