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Completed Access to Information Requests

October 2011

Request Number Request Summary Status of Completed Request Number of Pages Disclosed
A-2010-02471 Records prepared for or written to or by the minister regarding water services on Manitoba reserves, September 2010 to December 2010. Disclosed in part 323
A-2011-00033 Paper or electronic copy or the direct website address for documents regarding Bill C-31, First Nations Demography and Indian Status Registration. Disclosed in part 1165
A-2011-00225 Copy of information regarding KPMG contract awarded and amended in fiscal year 2010-2011. Disclosed in part 50
A-2011-00295 "Analysis/ Report on Comparable Population Size and Funding" by ccmf/je, July 2002". Funding to the Sagkeeng First Nation Band 262 after the Report and all documents, materials, notes, etc., connected to the Report. Disclosed in part 36
A-2011-00300 Records on the funding, ownership and administration of the Fort Liard Hostel and Residential School as well as any documents regarding Canada's decision not to add the institution to the Settlement Agreement. Disclosed in part 192
A-2011-00357 Records relating to the use or taking of reserve land in relation to the construction of Provincial Hwy #224 through the Fisher River Indian Reserve Band (Manitoba). All disclosed 5
A-2011-00510 Records related to the Nisga’a Lisims Government/Nisga'a Nation. Disclosed in part 193
A-2011-00537 Copy of all QP Cards and memorandum created for or transmitted to the Minister of AANDC between May 15 and June 21, 2011. Disclosed in part 188
A-2011-00546 1978b: Indian Affairs and Northern Development business loan fund: Indian economic development direct loan order policy and guidelines. No records exist 0
A-2011-00623 Copies of any official documentation (i.e. a Ministerial Order) which confirms the creation of the Dease River Band in 1988. All disclosed 3
A-2011-00703 All callups and amendments (PWGSC from 942 or departmental equivalent) issued under the terms of the TBIPS (Task Based Informatics Professional Services) Standing Offer (EN578-055605) in the NCR during the month of July 2011. No records exist 0
A-2011-00885 Organizational charts that were updated in the Human Resources (HR) system for the Office of the Indian Registrar (OIR) from 2003 to present. All disclosed 65
A-2011-00915 Payment amounts, schedules and payment calculation details for fiscal years 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 pursuant to the Alberta Administrative Reform Agreement. Disclosed in part 31
A-2011-00920 "Years of operation" (actual date ranges) for all Indian Residential Schools that appear in Schedules "E" and "F" under the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement. All disclosed 12
A-2011-00942 Response to a 2011 report by the National Committee on Inuit Education recommending Inuit children be educated in Inuktitut. Disclosed in part 46
A-2011-00957 All correspondence of {...} concerning position 2010-IAN-IA-AG-NCR-HR-98956. All disclosed 14
A-2011-00958 All correspondence concerning position 2010-IAN-IA-AG-NCR-HR-98956. Disclosed in part 244
A-2011-00968 All callups and amendments (PWGSC form 942 or departmental equivalent) issued under the terms of the TBIPS (Task Based Informatics Professional Services) standing offer (EN578-055605) in the NCR during the month of August, 2011. Disclosed in part 18
A-2011-00999 NWT: MacKenzie Gas Project: requesting contract #A7221-09-0333 plus the statement of work and the deliverables. The contract is with MGIS Inc. All disclosed 27
A-2011-01001 Copy of Mike Bradshaw draft report done on the Indian Land Registry. All disclosed 11
A-2011-01030 Correspondence related to Contract # A7221-09-0333. This is in reference to the NWT MacKenzie Gas Project. Disclosed in part 72
A-2011-01031 All media information related to the Six Nations (occupation/protest, land claims & negotiations) from 2006 to present. All disclosed 291
A-2011-01053 List of all Access to Information requests received since July 6, 2011. Disclosed in part 6
A-2011-01054 List of all documents regarding Fort Chipewyan and oilsands operations since January 1, 2008. All disclosed 29
A-2011-01125 Documents indicating all term and casual employee appointments in the National Capital Region under the terms of the Public Service Employment Act during the period of September 2011. All disclosed 0
A-2011-01126 All callups and amendments (PWGSC form 942 or departmental equivalent) issued under the terms of the TBIPS (Task Based Informatics Professional Services) Standing Offer (EN578-055605) in the NCR for the month of September 2011. No records exist 0
A-2011-01127 All local purchase orders processed by this institution in the National Capital Region for the procurement of temporary help services during the period of September 2011. No records exist 0
A-2011-01129 Documents and records, including but not limited to progress reports, site visit reports, proposals, plans, correspondence, briefing notes and memos in 2011 pertaining to re-building the school on Pikangikum First Nation. Disclosed in part 53

You may contact our office by email at Include your full name and complete mailing address as well as the file number(s) requested. For any further questions with regards to this process, contact our Access to Information Directorate at (819) 997-8277 or Fax: (819) 953-5492.

Please note that while the list is available in both official languages, the responsive records are only available in the language in which they were originally created.

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