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Completed Access to Information Requests

September 2010

Request Number Request Summary Status of Completed Request Number of Pages Disclosed
A-2010-01747 Copy of the agreement made between the Government of Canada and the Government of Manitoba on May 26, 1966 in relation to provision of services to status Indians by the Children's Aid Societies of Western, Central and Eastern Manitoba (T.B. 655395) in Indian and Northern Affairs Canada's custody or control. No records exist 0
A-2010-01817 According to an April 15, 1954 Memorandumthe issue of the status of the reserves was "reviewed by a Legal Adviser" and was to be communicated in a report (File 801/1-1-2, Vol. 1, 10/1952-05/1961, Library and Archives Canada, Burnaby).

Copy of this report as well as any related correspondence and/or documentation.
No records exist 0
A-2010-00907 Meeting minutes, agendas, notes taken and other documents related in any way to the attached entry in the Registry of Lobbyists (Communication number 13957-131454/Coummincation date 2009-11-25). Disclosed in part 26
A-2010-01696 Forensic Audit by Consulting Audit Canada, delivered to Aboriginal Development Branch in Spring of 2007.
Focus of audit is the financial dealings of {...}.
Nothing disclosed (exempted) 0
A-2010-01640 All callups made under the Regional Master Standing Offer for Temporary Help - Pacific Region from January 1, 2009 to present. Disclosed in part 82
A-2010-01929 Digital or original copy of the Federal System Surveys of First Nations drinking water and wastewater systems, which began in 2009. No records exist 0
A-2010-00202 Copy of any NCR-region contracts awarded during the period of January 1, 2009 until December 31, 2009 pertaining to Temporary Help service. Disclosed in part 493

You may contact our office by email at Include your full name and complete mailing address as well as the file number(s) requested. For any further questions with regards to this process, contact our Access to Information Directorate at (819) 934-7143 or Fax: (819) 953-5492.

Please note that while the list is available in both official languages, the responsive records are only available in the language in which they were originally created.

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