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Completed Access to Information Requests

May 2010

Request Number Request Summary Status of Completed Request Number of Pages Disclosed
A-2010-00221 Audits and evaluations on the secure certificate of Indian Status Card project done by Anne Scotton, Chief Auditor and her department of INAC. Also contractor Ernst & Young audit reports on Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS) project. All reports done starting January 2007 - January 10, 2010.
Business Plan/Case that was presented and accepted by Homeland Security USA in May 2009. New Business Plan/Case that was recently submitted December 2009.
Disclosed in part 30
A-2010-00574 A list of First Nations which in the last 5 years (FYs 05, /06-06/07-07/08-08/09-09/10) were the subject of an election appeal under section 12 of the Regulations Governing Indian Band Elections, and the result of those appeals i.e. 1: appeal rejected, or 2: election set-aside under s.79 of the Indian Act.

Not necessary to provide details of the nature of the appeal, or the basis of he decisions of the Minister/Governor-in-Council.
All disclosed 3
A-2010-00078 Records that were generated responding to the issue of nursing shortages in First Nations communities. In H1N1-related briefing notes request no. (A-2009-00081/ Idu) there was a reference to nursing shortages ("According to FNIHB, it is becoming a challenge to maintain an appropriate supply of nurses and additional measures are being taken. Nursing staff from other regions could be deployed to the field as necessary. Records should include, but not be limited to, briefing notes and e-mail correspondence. Disclosed in part 67
A-2010-00224 1. All documents, notes, screening board information and email related to the screening of {…} on selection process 2008-INA-REG-IAP-2 for Director, Operations including screeing board report.
2. Marking, notes, scoring, and email related to the written testing of {…} for 2008-INA-REG-IAP-2 and the placement of the score relative to the 13 (?) candidates assessed in writing.
3. Document(s), notes, and email identifying the reason(s) for the termination of selection process 2008-INA-REG-IAP-2.
4. All rationales, justifications, assessments or email relating to assessment of {…} against the SOMC for {…} including performance notes/email.
5. All documents, notes, screeing board information related tot he screeing of {…} on selection process 09-IAN-IA-IRSAS-91862 for Director, Operations.
Disclosed in part 268
A-2010-00124 Data on the Security Officer Training Course advertised in the Band Office late 2000 (October...) No records exist 0
A-2010-00722 Evaluation of the International Polar Year, completed in 2009-2010. No records exist 0

You may contact our office by email at Include your full name and complete mailing address as well as the file number(s) requested. For any further questions with regards to this process, contact our Access to Information Directorate at (819) 934-7143 or Fax: (819) 953-5492.

Please note that while the list is available in both official languages, the responsive records are only available in the language in which they were originally created.

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