Emergency preparedness and non-structural mitigation call for applications: 2019-2020

About the program

Indigenous Service Canada (ISC) is committed to partnering with First Nation communities, tribal councils and organizations to ensure their safety and security in emergency events and to support the building of community resilience against disasters.

Through the Emergency Management Assistance Program, project funding is available for First Nation-led emergency management preparedness and non-structural mitigation initiatives. The objective of this funding stream is to support the building of First Nations' capacity, knowledge and skills so First Nation communities are equipped and prepared to mitigate against, respond to and recover from emergency disasters. This call for applications prioritizes the support of local efforts in non-structural mitigation and emergency preparedness through small-scale projects that will enhance community preparedness for and/or mitigation against all-hazard disaster risks such as wildland fires, flooding, landslides, tsunamis, severe weather, etc.

Eligible activities

To be eligible for funding, the proposed project must directly support First Nations located on:


In regions where emergency management service agreements are in place with the province or territory, existing provincial programs and services will be considered when assessing proposals.

The type of eligible projects for 2019-2020 national call for applications includes:

Emergency management planning and training

  • All-hazard risk assessments
  • Development and updating of emergency management plans
  • Exercising emergency management plans
  • Emergency management training/courses

Non-structural mitigation

  • Flood mapping
  • Fire mapping
  • Landslide studies
  • Research or studies pertaining to disaster risk
  • Early tsunami warning systems
  • Public awareness

Regional forums and workshops

  • Funding to host an emergency management forum or workshop for regional First Nation communities

Wildland fire mitigation and preparedness (FireSmart)

  • Wildfire pre-suppression planning
  • Wildfire risk assessments
  • Fuel reduction, forest thinning, prescribed burning
  • Fire breaks
  • Wildland fire crew training
  • Vegetation management

Who can apply?


The deadline to apply is December 14, 2018.

Applications received after the deadline may be assessed and accepted based on the availability of funding.

How to apply?

  1. Complete the Emergency Management Assistance Program project funding application (PDF)
  2. Submit the form to the ISC regional office near you.

For additional information on the Non-Structural Mitigation and Preparedness Program Funding see the Guidelines Document.

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