Socio-economic Approach to Remediating Giant Mine

The Giant Mine Remediation Project strives to deliver social and economic benefits to Indigenous and Northern communities while protecting the environment and people's health.

How the project is working to maximize socio-economic benefits

The main construction manager, Parsons Inc., uses a number of tools to help the project team achieve their goals. This includes incorporating criteria into all tenders that:

Aboriginal Opportunity Considerations continue to provide essential criteria to evaluate the bids on request for proposals and invitations to tenders. Successful bidders must meet or exceed their commitments or face financial penalties. In addition, some contracts are issued under the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Businesses (PSAB). Under PSAB, whenever practical, contracts are set aside for registered Indigenous businesses to compete on. This approach helps manage Northern and Indigenous employment, training, and business opportunities, and has successfully been used in previous contracting processes.

Contract highlights include:

Employment highlights include:

The project is working to set targets for key performance indicators to help measure and improve on these numbers.

When remediation begins, the project will need more people to complete the work. The team anticipates more northern and Indigenous hires in this active work phase. The team is currently working to implement its socio-economic strategy. The strategy guides how the project identifies and delivers socio-economic benefits by:

The strategy's overall aim is to benefit northern and Indigenous peoples as much as possible within the federal policies and rules the project has to comply with. To do this, the strategy outlines three different types of activities it needs to do:

For more information, see the plain language summary of the strategy. To read the strategy in full, you can access it in the socio-economic folder of the SharePoint site.

Business and job opportunities

As the Giant Mine Remediation Project moves forward, the team will strive to create opportunities for Northwest Territories companies to provide services such as:

Remediation of the site will include filling open pits and other openings that pose a risk. The arsenic chambers will be permanently frozen. Most site buildings will be taken down. The project will continue to treat mine water to prevent contaminating the surrounding environment.

Once remediation work is complete, the project will support the ongoing care and maintenance of the site, and long-term monitoring. This will remain the responsibility of the federal government. In the meantime, the project needs workers dedicated to keeping the site stable until remediation can begin, anticipated to be in 2021.

Where you can find information about upcoming contracts

Parsons Inc. posts all upcoming contract opportunities on Merx, where potential bidders and other interested parties are able to access the information. Parsons also maintains a website specific to the work for the Giant Mine Remediation Project. There, they share information about upcoming contract opportunities and information about recent contract awards.

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