ISC National Funding Agreement Models

According to the Treasury Board Secretariat Directive on Transfer Payments, a funding agreement is a written agreement or documentation constituting an agreement between the Government of Canada and an applicant or a recipient setting out the obligations or understandings of both with respect to one or more transfer payments. It describes the requirements needed to maintain the accountability relationship between Indigenous and Services Canada (ISC) and the funding recipient. ISC has published the 2018-2019 national funding agreement models below.

A New Fiscal Relationship

The Government of Canada is committed to working with First Nations to establish a new fiscal relationship that moves towards sufficient, predictable and sustained funding for First Nation communities.

Only minor updates have been made to the models, as the Government of Canada will continue to work collaboratively through the New Fiscal Relationship process to propose changes for future year models.

In July 2017, it was announced that greater access to carry over funds would be provided effective April 1, 2018. By this date, over two-thirds of First Nations funding will have this flexibility. By April 1, 2019, all funding for First Nations will have this flexibility, with a few minor exceptions. Increased access to unexpended carry over will be addressed in the development of 2018-2019 funding agreements.

In December 2017, it was announced that the Government of Canada is proposing to work with First Nations financial institutions and the Assembly of First Nations on the creation of 10-year grants for communities that are determined by First Nations institutions to be ready to move to such a system. Participating communities would commit to report to their own members on their priorities and targets and on a common set of outcomes outlined in an accountability framework. We would aim for 100 First Nations to receive 10-year grants by April 1, 2019. More information regarding the criteria will be provided once available.

Creation of ISC

The 2018-2019 national funding agreement models have been updated to reflect the creation of ISC and in preparation for the dissolution of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) and the eventual creation of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada. Models remaining under INAC can be found on INAC's National Funding Agreement Models page. Models which are now under ISC can be found below. Recipients can be assured that existing agreements that are presently in place remain legally binding and do not require any modifications related to the new departments.

ISC National Funding Agreement Models 2018-2019

ISC First Nations and Inuit Health Funding Agreement Models 2018-2019

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