British Columbia wildfires 2017: Impacts on First Nation communities

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) is deeply concerned when wildfire threatens communities and is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of First Nation communities.

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INAC and wildfires

INAC works with First Nations, provinces, territories and emergency services partners to ensure that First Nation communities at risk of wildfires have the resources they need to prepare for, mitigate against, and respond to emergencies.

INAC officials are working closely with Emergency Management BC so that affected First Nations know where to seek assistance and information.

Emergency Social Services (ESS) assistance is available to support individuals or families forced from their homes because of an emergency or disaster. ESS is intended to meet the immediate basic needs of evacuees including food, lodging, clothing, transportation and incidentals and is available to Indigenous and non-Indigenous people both on or off reserve.

Emergency Management Assistance Program

INAC’s Emergency Management Assistance Program reimburses provinces and territories, First Nations and third party emergency management providers 100 per cent of eligible response and recovery costs, including evacuation costs, for First Nation communities.

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