Solving First Nation water emergencies in Manitoba and around the world

Since late 2015, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada along with experts from the Manitoba First Nation Circuit Rider Program have been working together to develop an innovative solution to First Nation water emergencies in Manitoba. They are using a portable water treatment system that can be flown anywhere and on short notice to successfully respond to First Nation water emergencies. This technology greatly improves emergency response times, replaces the need for bottled water and achieves significant savings.

The partners are also working with the Canadian Red Cross to use this portable technology to produce and supply safe drinking water anywhere in Canada during emergencies and disasters. Together, the Canadian Red Cross and Indigenous communities are leveraging their collective experience when dealing with drinking water emergencies. Through this partnership, the portable water treatment system will be operated by certified treatment plant operators from Indigenous communities who have participated in the Circuit Rider Training Program. The Red Cross will also provide operators with specific training and the opportunity to be deployed in Red Cross international operations

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