On-reserve infrastructure reform: Engagement

From Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)

Current status: Open

This engagement began on May 17, 2016, with the launch of the On-reserve housing reform engagement sessions. 


The Government of Canada is partnering with First Nations in a renewed, respectful and inclusive process, to make progress on issues most important to First Nation communities.

As part of its commitment to improve its on-reserve infrastructure programs, INAC is engaging with First Nations and stakeholders to develop an effective long-term approach to support sustainability for all infrastructure on reserve.


The Government of Canada is engaging with:



First Nations peoples living on reserve are more likely to experience poor housing conditions and overcrowding than the general population. With support from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, INAC will continue working in partnership with First Nations to develop a distinct housing strategy and to reform on-reserve housing.

To find out more about INAC's on-reserve housing program, consult First Nations Housing.


All Canadians expect access to clean and reliable drinking water. First Nations and INAC are working together on a new approach to ensure:

  • health
  • safety
  • proper facility operation and maintenance
  • ending long-term drinking water advisories on First Nation reserves within five years
  • outstanding findings from the 2011 National Assessment are addressed

To find out more about INAC's on-reserve water and wastewater programs, consult Water in First Nation communities.

Education facilities

Every First Nation child deserves the best start in life and the Government of Canada is committed to partnering with First Nations to support quality education and learning environments for First Nation children and youth. INAC is working with First Nations and stakeholders to improve infrastructure investment priority ranking and planning processes related to education facilities.

To find out more about INAC'S support for on-reserve education facilities, consult First Nations Enhanced Education Infrastructure Fund.

First Nation Infrastructure Fund

General community infrastructure is the physical foundation of a community. The First Nation Infrastructure Fund (FNIF) supports eight categories of community infrastructure:

  • planning and skills development
  • energy systems (including fuel tanks)
  • connectivity
  • roads and bridges
  • structural mitigation
  • fire protection
  • solid waste management
  • cultural and recreational facilities

INAC is working with First Nations and stakeholders to enhance FNIF investment priority ranking and planning processes as well as the administration and delivery of the fund.

To find out more about the FNIF funding, consult First Nation Infrastructure Fund. 

How to participate

There are three ways to provide input on the topics covered in this engagement:

  1. Attend a national or regional meeting (by invitation only) for First Nation representative organizations, First Nation technical groups and First Nation communities.
  2. Send comments or submit opinion papers by e-mail to Infrastructure@aadnc-aandc.gc.ca.
  3. Send comments or submit opinion papers by mail to the address in the contact us section below.

All input provided will be considered in the reform of on-reserve infrastructure programs.

When and where

Meetings (focused primarily on housing) have been held across the country. Details of these meetings can be found under When and where on the On-reserve housing reform: Engagement 2016-2017 webpage.

Dates and locations of upcoming meetings will be posted as they are confirmed.

What we heard

During the On-reserve housing reform meetings, INAC, the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs Committee on Housing and Infrastructure, and First Nations leaders and technicians discussed on-reserve housing and infrastructure program reform. A summary of these meetings is available under What we heard about housing and infrastructure.

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