Closing socio-economic gaps

The large gap between the Canadian standard of living and that of many Indigenous communities is unacceptable. While there is a long way to go to close the socio-economic gap, the Government of Canada is working with provincial and territorial governments and with Indigenous partners, to make immediate progress.

Learn what Canada is doing to improve the quality of life of Indigenous children, youth and families.


Supporting economic development

Find out what actions the Government of Canada has taken to establish a new fiscal relationship with First Nations to ensure the overall well-being of First Nations.

Improving quality of life with social infrastructure

Find out how the government is addressing urgent housing needs on reserve and improving access to clean drinking water.

Expanding Nutrition North Canada

To support the immediate needs of northerners to access affordable perishable nutritious foods, Nutrition North Canada was expanded to include 37 additional communities, bringing the total number of eligible communities to 121.

Improving outcomes in education and health

Education is key to better health and economic outcomes, and helps young people develop a secure personal and cultural identity.

Hearing from you

The Government of Canada is listening carefully to Indigenous peoples. Add your voice to the conversation by contributing to these engagements, or learn about recently-held engagements.

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