List of Data Fields - Invoices for Education Services

DCI 461821 (2017-2018)

IMPORTANT: This document is a representation of the data fields in DCI 461821. The actual DCI is available on the INAC Services Portal or through your Regional Office. Some of these reports will be available with your pre-populated data, which will save you preparation time. If you have any questions please contact your Regional Office.

Report Identification

This section of the form is used for identification and tracking purposes. The fiscal year and reporting period are automatically filled with the relevant information.

The fields in this section are:

Organization Identification

This section is used to identify the organization completing the report and the Recipient who has the reporting requirement with INAC.

The fields in this section are:


The Primary Contact is the person who is responsible for the DCI when completed.

The Secondary Contact is the back-up contact in case the Primary Contact is unavailable.

The fields in this section are:

Summary of Invoices

Delivery Organization

The fields in this section are:

  • Delivery Organization Type, Delivery Organization Name, Delivery Organization No.


The fields in this section are:

  • Invoice No., Billing Period, Invoice Amount, Numbers of FTEs, Are there any arrears related to amounts owed, Explanation, File


Enter identification details of the person who has reviewed the information provided in the PDF and who confirms that it is accurate to the best of their knowledge.

The fields in this section are:

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