List of Data Fields - Annual Register of Post-Secondary Education Students

DCI 4016769 (2017-2018)

IMPORTANT: This document is a representation of the data fields in DCI 4016769. The actual DCI is available on the INAC Services Portal or through your Regional Office. Some of these reports will be available with your pre-populated data, which will save you preparation time. If you have any questions please contact your Regional Office.

Report Identification

This section of the form is used for identification and tracking purposes. The fiscal year and reporting period are automatically filled with the relevant information.

The fields in this section are:

Fiscal Year


Organization Identification

This section is used to identify the organization completing the report and the Recipient who has the reporting requirement with INAC.

The fields in this section are:

Recipient No.

Note: Make sure to enter a 4-digit number. Add zeroes (0) in front if necessary.

Recipient Name

The official name of the Recipient of INAC funds.

Organization Type

Your type of organization.

Organization Name

Organization No.

This field is automatically populated with the organization's ID number, if available.

Telephone No. and Extension No.

Fax No.

E-mail Address

Web site

Mailing Address


The Primary Contact is the person who is responsible for the DCI when completed.

The Secondary Contact is the back-up contact in case the Primary Contact is unavailable.

The fields in this section are:

Given Name, Family Name, Title/Position

Telephone No., Extension No., Fax No., E-mail Address

Mailing Address

Street Address

Student Information by School

Post Secondary Education Institution

List all schools where students were accepted into a program of study:

  • For each school, list all students that applied for PSE funding and were eligible
  • Provide information for each semester the student was planning to attend school and was eligible to have received PSE funding regardless of whether they were funded.

Do you wish to provide data regarding any eligible students which did not receive PSSSP/UCEP funding?

If Yes to above previous question, then respond to the following:

  • Indicate the number of eligible students which did not receive any PSSSP/UCEP funding.
  • Indicate the number of students which received funding for only a portion of the eligible PSSSP/UCEP funding they requested.

The fields in this section are:

Post Secondary Education Institution

Institution No.

This field is automatically populated with its ID number.

Number of Students

A tally of the number of students at this school; automatically calculated.

Student Information

For registered First Nation students, make sure identifying information is the same as in the Indian Registry System (IRS).

The fields in this section are:

Family Name, Given Name, Alias Name(s)

Date of Birth



Indian Registry No.

Enrolment Information

This section of the form displays a summary of the student's enrolment details at this school.

For students who are funded, make sure there is a Semester section for each semester they received funding. You can record enrolment information for a maximum of four semesters.

The fields in this section are:


No. of Dependents

Enter the number of people who are dependents of the student.

If there are no dependents, enter 0 (zero).

Marital Status

Full-time / Part-time

Select Full-time or Part-time to indicate the student's level of participation.

Source: Transcript; for new students, letter of sponsorship and/or acceptance letter from PSE institution

Method of Delivery

Select the method that the school uses to deliver the program in which the student is enrolled

Program Start Date

Academic Program Length

Select the number of years normally required to complete the program.

This number, determined by the educational institution, is the normal length of time required to complete the program on a continuing full-time basis.

This is not necessarily the time it takes for the student to complete the program.

Source: Transcript or institution

Degree Granting Institution

Search for the official name of the institution that will be granting the credential.

If the institution is not on this list, contact your regional office.

Level of Education Sought

Select the level of education that the student is seeking. This list only contains credentials that are eligible for PSE funding.

Area of Study – Category

Select the major area of study for the level of education obtained.

Note: University and College Entrance Preparation program (UCEP) is under the Category of Other.

Area of Study – Sub-category

This list is populated with relevant specializations based on the Category that you selected.

Source: Transcript. For new students,refer to the letter of sponsorship and/or acceptance letter from PSE institution

Student Funded This Semester

Student Achievement Information

Describe the results of the semester funded. These fields are only available for students who were funded.

The fields in this section are:

Student Achievement

Select the student's achievement status at the end of the semester.

Student's Academic Year of Study Just Completed

Until a student completes all the requirements for the first year of the program, select 0 (zero). When they complete all first year requirements, select 1 (one), and so on.

Source: Transcript

Funds Provided by Type of Expense

Select an Expense Type and enter the amount of funding the student received. The amount you enter in the Funds Provided is a sum of all expenses of this type.

The fields in this section are:

Expense Type

Funds Provided

Enter a sum of all the funding provided for this expense type for this semester.


This information is a summary of all the funding provided. The fields are filled automatically when you click the Calculate button. You must enter the amounts for Program Administration.

There is no information displayed in this section until you click Calculate. The calculation is also performed when you save the file or click Print Details.

The fields in this section are:

Expense Type

Amount Spent


This field is only enabled for Program Administration expenses. Enter an explanation for each amount entered.


A sub-total of all Expense types for this objective; automatically calculated.

Sub-Total before Program Administration

A sub-total of all funding before administration costs; automatically calculated.

Program Administration

Enter a sum of the amount spent on Administration for each expense type.

Sub-Total: Program Administration

A sub-total of all Program Administration expenses; automatically calculated.


This field displays the total amount across all objectives including Administration Costs; automatically calculated.

Program Administration Costs (percentage)

The relative amount of Administration Costs compared to the total of costs.

Supporting Documents

If you are submitting supporting documents, you need to list them on the PDF form. All documents MUST be submitted electronically.

You can attach any file format such as PDF, XML, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.

The fields in this section are:

Type of Supporting Document

Name of Supporting Document

Enter the title and file name of the supporting document.

If this document is not attached to the DCI form, enter the file name and a description.

Method of Submission

File Name Attached

This check box appears next to a file name when you successfully attach a file to the PDF.


Enter identification details of the person who has reviewed the information provided in the PDF and who confirms that it is accurate to the best of their knowledge.

The fields in this section are:

Given Name, Family Name, Title/Position


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