List of Data Elements - First Nations Infrastructure Investment Plan (FNIIP) Annual Report

DCI# 460674 (2017–2018)

IMPORTANT: This document is a representation of the data fields in DCI 460674. INAC regions will be supplying First Nations with a pre-populated First Nation Infrastructure Investment Plan Excel Workbook generated from the Integrated Capital Management System. The worksheet is generated on a recipient-by-recipient basis, with each Band receiving a personalized version for its own projects. If you have any questions, please contact your Regional Office.


ICMS Project Number

Regional Project Number

Recipient Project Number

Recipient Priority

Project Name

Project Description/ Comments

Funding Stream

Project Category

NPRF Program Activity

NPRF Priority Ranking

ACRS Project Type

Total Estimated Cost

Total Other Funding Sources

Total Approved Funding Previous Year(s)

Total Approved Funding 2017-2018 (year to date)

Total Funding Request 2017-2018

Total Funding Request 2018–2019

Total Funding Request 2019–2020

Total Funding Request 2020–2021

Total Funding Request 2021–2022

Total Funding Request Years 5+

Proposed INAC Funding

The following table represents the current Proposed Funding for your existing projects as listed in the Regional First Nation Infrastructure Investment Plan at the time of the export. These are merely planned amounts, and are subject to change based on changing regional priorities and available funding. These values do not represent any commitments or guarantee of funding. These values are merely presented for your information and to help you develop your funding request to INAC.

(For your reference only)

Integrated Capital Management System Project Number

Project Name

Project Description/Comments

Funding Stream

National Priority Ranking Framework Priority Ranking

Total Estimated Cost

Proposed INAC Funding 2017–2018

Proposed INAC Funding 2018–2019

Proposed INAC Funding 2019–2020

Proposed INAC Funding 2020–2021

Proposed INAC Funding 2021–2022

Priority Asset Condition Reporting System Deficiencies

The following table provides the current health and safety deficiencies for your INAC-funded infrastructure assets, as per the latest Asset Condition Reporting System inspection information available at the time of the export. These deficiencies are presented for your information and action, to support you in addressing priority asset deficiencies while developing your annual work plans and preparing funding requests to INAC. These represent a subset of the total Asset Condition Reporting System deficiencies associated with your infrastructure assets. All Asset Condition Reporting System deficiencies should be addressed in a timely manner. For the complete list of Asset Condition Reporting System deficiencies, please refer to your latest Asset Condition Reporting System Projects Annual Report (DCI 460649). For more information on how to use this Excel Spreadsheet in the preparation of your First Nation Infrastructure Investment Plan Funding Requests, please refer to the Instructions.


Some of the Asset Condition Reporting System asset condition deficiencies listed in the table below may belong to a water or wastewater system. Please note that those are not Annual Performance Inspection (API) results.

(For reference only)

Band Number

Band Name

Site Number

Site Name

Asset Number and Extension

Asset Name

Deficiency Number

Deficiency Description

Identified Year

Completion Status





Remarks and Recommendations

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