List of Data Fields - First Nation Student Success Program Proposal

PAW 1775522 (2017-2018)


This document is a representation of the data fields in PAW 1775522. The actual PAW is available on the INAC Services Portal or through your Regional Office. Some of these proposals will be available with your pre-populated data, which will save you preparation time. If you have any questions please contact your Regional Office.

Proposal Identification

This section of the form is used for identification and tracking purposes. The fiscal year is automatically filled with the relevant information.

The fields in this section are:

Fiscal Year
Indicate the Partnership Development Phase
Proposal Title
How many years are you submitting a proposal for?

Organization Identification

This section is used to identify the organization completing the Proposal form.

The fields in this section are:

Recipient No.
Note: Make sure to enter a 4-digit number. Add zeroes (0) in front if necessary.

Recipient Name
Organization Type
Organization Name
Organization No.
Telephone No.
Extension No.
Fax No.
E-mail Address
Web site
Mailing Address


The Primary Contact is the person who is responsible for the Proposal form when completed.

The Secondary Contact is the back-up contact in case the Primary Contact is unavailable.

The fields in this section are:

Given Name
Family Name
Telephone No
Extension No.
Fax No.
E-mail Address
Mailing Address
Street Address

Proposal Summary Information

The fields in this section are:

Planned Start Date
Planned End Date
Proposal Description

Current State/Statement of Need

Describe the background and context for the project, what issues are to be addressed and the drivers leading to the request.

Organizational Assessment


Describe the following about your regional First Nation organization capability:

The fields in this section are:

Your organization's capacity to deliver on proposed activities

Your organization's previous activities related to education

The outcomes of these activities

Previous Education Partnership Activities

The fields in this section are:

Education partnership activities to date
The outcome of those partnership activities

Governance of the Partnership

The fields in this section are:

The general roles and responsibilities within the partnership

The decision-making procedures for providing direction within the partnership

How educators and education specialists will be involved in the partnership

Plans for ongoing communication among partners


Demonstrate that the proposal has the support of communities and that ongoing community engagement will be used to sustain community support and identify stakeholder needs and feedback.

The fields in this section are:

The name(s) of First Nations and First Nation/band-operated schools consulted in the development

A description of the consultation process for the proposal development

Ongoing plans for community engagement


A Partner is an organization that you expect to provide or has provided funding or in-kind contributions to the project.

The fields in this section are:

Partner Organization Type, Partner Organization Name, Partner Organization No.
In-kind Contributions

Activities Planned and Expected Results

Add objectives, activities and expenses to describe what you plan to do. Indicate when you plan to do it and how much it will cost.

The fields in this section are:

Delivery Organization Type
Delivery Organization Name
Delivery Organization Number
Sub-Total Amount before Program Administration Costs
Program Administration Cost
Administration Cost (Provide an Explanation)
Total Requested
Program Administration Costs (Percentage)

Proposed Budget

Click the "Calculate" button to display a summary of the Proposed Budget.

Expense Type

The fields in this section are:

Sub-Total before Administration Costs
Administration Costs
Program Administration Costs (Percentage)


The fields in this section are:

Grand Total

Project Management

Project Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation: Describe your plan for monitoring the project activities, time lines and deliverables to ensure targets are achieved on schedule and within budget. Be sure to include the types of reporting you will require from participants involved in order to monitor their progress and evaluate the success of the project.

Risk Management

Identify potential risks that might affect the implementation of your proposed activities and possible impacts these have. Identify strategies or solutions to mitigate or prevent negative impacts.

Supporting documents

If you are submitting supporting documents, you need to list them on the PDF form. All documents MUST be submitted electronically.

You can attach any file format such as PDF, XML, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.

The fields in this section are:

Type of Supporting Document

Name of Supporting Document
Enter the title and file name of the supporting document.
If this document is not attached to the DCI form, enter the file name and a description.

Method of Submission

File Name Attached
This check box appears next to a file name when you successfully attach a file to the PDF.


Enter identification details of the person who has reviewed the information provided in the PDF and who confirms that it is accurate to the best of their knowledge.

The fields in this section are:

Given Name
Family Name

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