Public Service Renewal: Working for Reconciliation

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Transcript: Public Service Renewal: Working for Reconciliation

Joe Wild
This is a historic time at INAC. The Prime Minister in mandate letters to every single Minister in government noted that the most important relationship to him and to Canada is our relationship with Indigenous peoples, and challenged us that the time has come to renew that relationship on a Nation-to-Nation basis, and to do so on the basis of recognition of rights, respect, cooperation and partnership.

Jennifer Brown
I do believe that in working at INAC, I am contributing to historic developments in advancing Reconciliation; in fact, I know that I am. There's a different level of trust, and renewing that trust is critical to how we move forward.

Tim O'Loan
I had the honour of working at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada for four years. As such, I was privileged to some amazing stories. I feel obligated to share those stories and experiences, and as long as people here at INAC, who is a major contributor to reconciliation, as long as there is willingness for them to listen, I feel honoured to share.

Waseskon Awashish
Being Indigenous, I felt challenged by the work that is done here.  Also, I must say that the mandate's complexity was very appealing to me.  I really wanted to be part of a workforce that makes a difference in the everyday lives of Indigenous communities in Canada.

Jennifer Brown
Why I chose to work at INAC is because I think you can do it all here.

Brian Owens
You get exposed to so many different things, and there are a lot of opportunities to work on important files.

Jessica Hayes
I choose to work at INAC because the work we do in the Community Initiatives unit directly aligns with my commitment to reconciliation.

Victoria Bird
What I like about my work at INAC is mostly the people who I work with. They inspire me so much and, like, what I want to do here eventually, because I am a student right now. So I hope to be where they are.

Renée-Claude St-Onge
What I like about my work is that it lets me stretch myself and rise to new challenges, and also to develop new competencies.

Sean Campbell
Every day, when I go to work, I know that the work I'm doing is directly helping people; I'm contributing to communities all across the province.

Jolene Dione
I actually see my career here at INAC being long-term. And with that, it obviously means a chance for me to expand on my own professional development but as well as to build on not only the relationships that I've made here but also on the work that I've done.

Agnes Tan
INAC is a very exciting place to work. The department delivers such a wide variety of programming and provides me with the opportunity to learn about so many different things, from education, to the building of infrastructure, to the settlement of claims. You cannot get this type of experience anywhere else.

Kathryn Fournier
I think there may not be a better department than INAC right now for learning the new kinds of competencies and the skillsets that will be part of a successful public service career from now on.  

Nadia Méhu-Jules
I certainly expect to continue being a force for change, allowing me to attain key positions.

Waseskon Awashish
I certainly see a long-term future with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.

Wayne Walsh
I see my future at INAC like I see everyone's future at INAC: it's a bright one, it's one where we are the leading edge in delivering on the Government's reconciliation agenda. That's exciting, and to be part of something so historic, I think, is unique, and it's one that I look forward to.

Hélène Laurendeau
We are a very exciting department! Come and join us!

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