Manitoba First Nation Education Resource Centre – Annual Science Fair

The Manitoba First Nation Education Resource Centre annual Science Fair is the only one of its kind in Canada that caters to First Nation students interested in science.

See how First Nations students from Band operated schools in the Province Manitoba participate and demonstrate to their peers, the influence of science on a wide range of issues that impact our daily lives by viewing this video.

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Wilfred Buck, MFNERC Science Facilitator

This is a first of its kind in Manitoba, the only one of its kind in Canada…a regional Science Fair for First Nations students…

…They get that exposure of coming here and looking at all these other projects and meeting all these other students and hearing speakers that are First Nation people talking to them about Science and the possibilities of Science.

This year the Science Fair is being held at the Max Bell Centre Fieldhouse, University of Manitoba.

Rudy Subedar, MFNERC Science Fair Program Coordinator/Developer

This program was initiated by the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre in 2002…

…14 years since then it's evolved into a regional Science Fair that's affiliated with Youth Science Canada.

The Fair hosts students from Grade 4 to 12. This year we have 460…students… and they're exhibiting 250 projects.

You see everything on the floor… ranging from Consumer Science to Environmental Science… Physics… Robotics…Life Sciences…essentially anything you could think of…

Dasani Cameron-Long Plain First Nation & Marcus Crate, Fisher River First Nation

Dasani Cameron: Our project is about why are fossils important today.

Marcus Crate: We spent a lot of time on it and we both took turns staying after school and worked together.

Shania Roulette & Carolyn Houle, Sandy Bay First Nation

Carolyn Houle: Our project is about Mold in Sandy Bay First Nation houses.

Shania Roulette: We chose to do it because it's a serious problem on our reserve and we'd like to help people.

Gaevin Roberts & Koby Nelson, Roseau River First Nation

Gaevin Roberts:  It's some kind of goop…you…you play with it …It sticks on everything.

Quahaila Beardy & Tenielle Easter, Opaskwayak Cree Nation

Tenielle Easter:

It's fun to do when you do a Science project and when you come to the Science Fair in Winnipeg…I get to meet new friends and see new people and learn new things about their Science projects.

Lorne C., Keeper Executive Director - MFNERC

Science is so very important …and it's an area that's been lacking…

…there's a shortfall in trained Science teachers that work in First Nation schools…

…our Science Unit provides support to teachers to assist them.

Rosely Booth, MFNERC Science Facilitator

When we do our visits we do hands-on Science and the students just get so engaged and they start to develop that spark of learning Science and enjoying it.

We do provide that support for them to feel that they can and they are able to pursue careers in Science…that's our goal.

Lorne Keeper:

With the Science Fair when students come here they meet others, they make long-lasting relationships- teachers meet other teachers from other communities…

…and they make those connections which assists them in their work that they do with our students.

Rudy Subedar:

We've moved from a starting point of Science being on the back burners in schools…

…schools not having Science fairs…

… and an initial event with 70 students from 8 schools…

…to where we now have almost all the First Nation Schools in Manitoba are participating…

… this year we have 37 of them on the floor…

…and almost 2,000 students are engaged in the program.


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