Parliamentary Authorities – Budgetary Authorities Provided and Used for Fiscal Year 2015-2016

Financial Statement Data (in thousands of dollars)
Current Year Authorities Provided 8,890,901
Current Year Authorities Used 7,955,295
Authorities Available for Future Years 33,344
Gross Lapsed Amount 902,262
Percentage Gross Lapsed 10%

Explanation of Lapsed Amount Lapsed $ Lapsed %
Funds deferred from 2015-2016 to future years for various initiatives to be used for the same intended purposes (note some are still in the approval process). Major items include:
  • Specific Claims Settlement Fund ($669.5M);
  • Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement ($177.6M);
  • Various other initiatives totaling ($23.7M) (e.g. Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan and Out-of-Court Settlement).
870,790 10%
Budget Carryforwards:
  • Operating budget carryforward ($20.7M);
  • Capital budget carryforward ($0.3M).
21,015 0%
Remaining Balance:
  • Unused funds for targeted initiatives ($5.3M);
  • Funds set aside for specific initiatives totaling $4.3M (e.g. Back Office Transformation and 2016 Census of Population).
9,593 0%
Subtotal 901,398 10%
Net Lapse * 864 0%
* The above information is as of October 17th, 2016. It is subject to change as the re-profile requests have not all been approved by the Department of Finance at this time. Should some of these requests be refused, the result could be a corresponding increase in the net lapse.
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