Do you have a will?

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Did you know?

  • the INAC website has information about planning your estate
  • your will differs if you live on- or off-reserve
  • the Indian Act outlines what should be included in your will
  • you can’t gift your land on reserve to someone who is not a member of your First Nation
  • you can change your will as often as you like
  • writing a will doesn’t have to be complicated or costly

Less than 9% of First Nation peoples on reserve pass away with a will.

Why make a will?

  • to provide for your loved ones, your children and grandchildren
  • to decide who will get your home
  • to clearly state who should receive your possessions
  • to name who will take care of your children and dependents
  • to leave instructions for end of life ceremonies
  • to name who will take care of your estate

A will could provide peace of mind and clear direction about your wishes to your family and loved ones.

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