About #IndigenousReads

The Government of Canada is committed to renewing the relationship between Canadians and Indigenous peoples. Through #IndigenousReads, the Government of Canada hopes to encourage reconciliation by increasing Canadians' understanding of Indigenous issues, cultures, and history.

#IndigenousReads may take different forms. It can include poetry, graphic novels, short stories, children's books or essays on Indigenous issues, cultures and history.

There is a great selection of Indigenous authors who focus on a variety of topics. There is something for everyone.

Suggest a book

Would you like your favourite Indigenous author or book about Indigenous culture, history or issues to be included in our suggested reading list? Please fill out the form below.


Thank you for sharing your book ideas with us.

Tips on starting a book club

Reading is knowledge. Want to talk about what you just read? Why not start a book club? It's a great way to share experiences and explore themes discussed in the book. It can also be a great reason to get together with family and friends.

Don't forget to include an Indigenous author in your suggested readings.

Here are some basic steps to start up your own book club:

  1. Ask friends, family, classmates or co-workers to participate in your book club.
  2. Find a location to have your initial meeting, for example at home, the lunch room, classroom, community center or online.
  3. Before starting your book club get together either online or in person to make decisions on:
    • date and time for your first club meeting (at each meeting you can set a date for the next one)
    • location for your meetings (at each meeting you can change your location for the next meeting, if needed)
    • how often do you want to meet (meeting monthly is popular)
    • theme or genre
    • decide on your first book
  4. Make sure everyone is starting to read the selected book 2-3 weeks before club meeting.
  5. Ask members to bring at least one question, comment or passage from or about the book.
  6. Visit the author's web pages for online resources and discussion ideas.
  7. Gather and discuss what you have learned.
  8. Decide on when you will choose the next books.

If you have chosen a book with by an Indigenous author, take a picture of your meeting and share it on social media by using #IndigenousReads.

Have fun!

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