Status Report on Projects Operating with Specific Treasury Board Approval

Project Name and Project Phase Original Estimated Total Cost (dollars) Revised Estimated Total Cost (dollars) Actual Total Cost (dollars) 2015–2016 Main Estimates (dollars) 2015–2016 Planned Spending (dollars) 2015–2016 Total Authorities (dollars)a 2015–2016 Actual Spending (dollars) Expected Date of Close-Out
Link to the organization's program: The North — 4.3 Northern Land, Resources and Environmental Managementb
Giant Mine 1,179,305,914 1,227,687,834 335,721,328 24,552,777 54,059,696 44,178,297 56,241,994 2028–2029
Tundra Mine 8,527,388 273,838 6,101,289 6,090,868 8,527,333 2018–2019
United Keno Hills Mines 48,879,325 5,461,479 6,217,898 10,055,930 4,595,803 2023–2024
Bullmoose and Ruth Mines 4,502,434 6,723,885 500,000 8,498,200 484,739 2022–2023
FOX-E — Durban Island Mines 12,065,436 0 3,213,535 165,600 3,428,889 2015–2016
Great Bear Lake Mines 21,233,596 7,002,485 694,259 21,761,377 1,196,160 2026–2027
Link to the organization's program: The North — 4.2: Northern Science and Technology
Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS)c 145,524,772 195,537,456 102,071,447 43,626,194 44,995,969 49,746,921 57,209,028 2018–2019
a In this table, the column "Total Authorities" reflects only the annual Planned Spending for fiscal year 2015–2016 as outlined in the Original Estimated Total Cost or Revised Estimated Total Cost columns.
b Main Estimates for Northern Contaminated Sites Program under Northern Land, Resources and Environmental Management are based on the amounts by site in the Treasury Board submission. Planned Spending amounts were determined from the approved Detailed Work Plans.
c The project scope was re-defined and the total project cost was amended to $145.5 million in May 2014, with an increase of $50 million in 2015. Actuals are higher than Authorities as some activities ($5.4 million) have been postponed from 2014–2015 to 2015–2016, and were not included in the 2015–2016 Total Authorities. Moreover, $1.4 million was expended for the Science and Technology Program, and is not included in Total Authorities.
Note that 2015–2016 Planned Spending corresponds to 4.2.2 (Science initiatives) and includes administration cost to support the Northern Science and Technology program.
The CHARS project excludes INAC internal services costs (except for Authorities).
Please note the following:
  • Dollar amounts exclude both the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST);
  • Original Estimated Total Cost, Revised Estimated Total Cost and Total Authorities include employee's benefit plans and accommodation and exclude the Science and Technology Program;
  • Main Estimates includes employee's benefit plans and the Science and Technology Program (excludes accommodation);
  • Actual Total Cost and Actual Spending include the Science and Technology Program and exclude employee's benefit plans and accommodation.
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