The 20th Anniversary of National Aboriginal Day

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20 years ago…
on June 13th, 1996
a proclamation was signed
honouring and celebrating First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples
declaring June 21st of each year as…
It's just a really good day for everybody to get together
Being able to listen to this you know traditional music, which is so beautiful
Remembering where we came from, where we are today and where we're going in the future
It's also great to see other people taking part in it, because that's a big part of our culture is sharing
Taking pride in who we are
Happy National Aboriginal Day
Happy Aboriginal Day

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20 years ago…
On June 13th, 1996
A Proclamation was signed
June 21
Honouring and celebrating First Nation, Inuit and Métis
Declaring June 21 of each year as…
National Aboriginal Day
June 21, 2016
20 years of
Strong and
Cultures and

"On June 21st, this year and every year, Canadians will honour the native peoples who first brought humanity to this great land."

Former Governor General, Roméo LeBlanc

"Bread and Cheese"
Written by A Tribe Called Red
Performed by A Tribe Called Red
Courtesy of A Tribe Called Red


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