Funding for Indigenous peoples

Find funding programs that support First Nations, Inuit and Métis individuals and communities.

Services and information

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada's funding programs

Search programs, services and initiatives for First Nations, Inuit and northern communities, governments and individuals, as well as for Indigenous and Métis organizations.

Cultural funding programs

Explore a range of funding programs and grants available to support Aboriginal languages and cultures.

Aboriginal arts grants

Apply for Canada Council for the Arts grants for Aboriginal artists and art administrators.

Aboriginal Courtwork Program

Learn about the help available to Aboriginal peoples in conflict with the criminal justice system obtain fair treatment.

Aboriginal Justice Strategy – Community-Based Justice Fund

Find out how the Government of Canada supports Aboriginal community-based justice programs that offer alternatives to mainstream justice.

Aboriginal Justice Strategy - Capacity-Building Fund

Apply for funding to develop the knowledge and skills needed to establish community-based justice programs within Aboriginal communities.

Aboriginal Policing Professional Development Fund

Find out about funding to support specialized and advanced training for police services in First Nations communities.

Empowering Indigenous women for stronger communities

Apply for funding as an Indigenous woman to engage your community and address issues affecting your advancement.

Aboriginal research (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council)

Learn about tools and funding opportunities supporting Indigenous research.

Justice Partnership and Innovation Program - Violence against Aboriginal women and girls

Apply for funding towards community and school-based initiatives to reduce violence against Aboriginal women and girls.



Help Line

First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line: Call if you are experiencing emotional distress and want to talk

Project Naming

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