Co-op Student Experience Video

Watch this video about Co-op students who share their experiences working with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada and learn about the opportunities available through the student Co-op Program. For more information, visit the Public Service Commission of Canada's website.

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Transcript: Co-op students share their experiences working at INAC

Anna Clement, Communications Branch

Hi, my name is Anna, and I'm studying Sociology and Communication at the University of Ottawa, and I'm currently doing a placement with Indigenous and Northern Affairs in the Internal Communications Branch.

We've invited a few co-op students to share their experiences within INAC. Let's hear what they have to say.

Melody Thai, Yukon Region, Environment Directorate – Type II Mines

I decided to pursue a co-op placement with INAC because I'd never experienced Canada's "Great White North", and I thought it would be an amazing experience.

Philipp Sparvier, Communications Branch

The reason I took this internship, is I thought it would be great experience, not only for my career aspirations, but, you know, for the personal life experience itself.

Anna Clement, Communications Branch

I decided to pursue my placement with Indigenous and Northern Affairs for a number of reasons, but primarily because I thought it would be a unique opportunity to learn a little bit more about my heritage as a Mohawk from the Bay of Quinte.

Taylor McKinney, Yukon Region, Communications Branch

I chose to pursue a placement with INAC because I was interested in First Nations culture and history, and I really wanted to come to the Yukon and see how the self-government model works here.

Nicole Welsh, Claims Assessment and Treaty Mechanisms Directorate

One of my favourite parts of my placement here at INAC is working in the archives. It's really interesting being able to look at Indigenous experiences from decades and centuries ago, as well as experiences of past INAC employees.

Jocelyne Maisonneuve Alie, Environment and Renewable Resources – Climate Change Division

My favourite part of my placement is my Inuktitut class. It's a language and culture class, so we learn as much about the Inuit language as we do about the culture. So it's an experience that is quite unique and I don't believe that I could have it anywhere else, but here.

Manuela Haemmerli, Yukon Region, Governance Directorate

By far, my favourite part of this placement is being able to actually meet people who are working in First Nation governments and get to learn a little bit more about the real challenges that they face and the real successes that they are accomplishing.

Hameet Singh, Environment and Business, Land and Water Grou


My placement with INAC has helped me in my professional development and education, because it's one thing to learn about something in the classroom, but it's another thing to actually see it play out in actuality.

Emily Galvao, Communications Branch

My placement at INAC has allowed me to discover what I really want to do after school: working in social media. I really didn't give it much thought before, and I think following this co-op term, I'd like to pursue that further.

Erica Bergado, Northern Governance Branch

As an International Development Student, working at INAC has helped me put what I've been reading into a real life setting and it's helped me understand how these theories and ideas work in real life; what it takes to create a project proposal, or any kind of development project; the trial and error that goes into that.

Tyler Hart, Kumik

I recommend new students to take advantage of all the valuable resources offered at INAC.  As well, to talk to as many people as possible because you never want to close any doors.

Celena Bedford, Communications Branch

What I would recommend to students doing a placement here is really to just get involved.  Go to the student information sessions, make friends with other students, say yes to every opportunity.

Miriam Moore, Implementation-Consultation and Accommodation Unit

As someone who's not from Ottawa, my recommendation for new students would be to take advantage of all the training and information sessions that you possibly can.  It's a super amazing opportunity to get to live and work in the National Capital region, so make the most of it.

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