Family Violence Prevention Program: Proposal Assessment Criteria 2018-2019

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)'s Family Violence Prevention Program (FVPP) will assess proposals on a points system to assess the degree to which all criteria are met.

Open calls for proposals will be posted on the Calls for Proposals web page.

Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Criteria Standard
Has the applicant completed and submitted: Applicants must submit: April 19, 2018 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time
Does the proposal focus on one or more themes as stated in the 2018-2019 proposals? Project funding will be prioritized to family violence prevention projects that focus on one or more themes as stated in the 2018-2019 call for proposals. Projects that do not focus on any of the themes should address a specific need, as identified in the cover letter.
Does the proposed project support a target audience? (for example:  women, men, youth, children and families) Project funding will be prioritized for proposed projects that focus on a target audience as stated in the 2018-2019 call for proposals.
Will the project address a particular need? Proposals should briefly describe the need that will be addressed by the project.
Does the proposed activity specify a delivery method? Proposals should specify how the project will be delivered (for example: seminar, healing circles, or cultural camps).
Does the proposal include partnerships with other stakeholders (communities, government and/or non-government organizations)? Does the project leverage funding from other organizations? Proposals that include partnerships will be given priority as well as projects that leverage funds and/or resources from other sources. Partnership letters clearly identifying a partner's role and contribution to the project should be provided with the application.
Will the project involve community participation? Projects that include community participation will be given priority.
Is the project effective and sustainable? Could it be adopted and used as a best practice by other communities or organizations in the future? Proposals that demonstrate the project's effectiveness and "best practice" applicability will be given consideration.
Does the proposal include a detailed budget not exceeding $50,000 that clearly outlines project expenditure categories, along with a monthly cash-flow (projected costs)? Projects must include clear, reasonable estimates of the costs for each budget item. Up to 15% of the budget may support administrative costs.
Does the proposal demonstrate clearly-defined objectives, milestones, deliverables, timelines and expected results with clearly defined ways to measure them? Proposals should clearly identify objectives, milestones, deliverables, timelines and expected results.  
Proposals should also describe how the project's success will be measured.

FVPP funding decisions will be made through a competitive, merit-based process. Please note that as funding is limited, not every eligible project will receive funding. Funding decisions will be communicated in May 2018.

Accepted projects may not necessarily be re-funded in subsequent years.

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