A Guide to Home-heating Oil Tanks

A Guide to Home-heating Oil Tanks

A Guide to Home-heating Oil Tanks is a new safety guide on the correct installation and maintenance of home-heating fuel tanks.

This joint publication between the Yukon Housing Corporation and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada is meant for all home-heating fuel tank owners including First Nation communities, home and business owners. The Guide is intended to help identify what to look for in order to prevent leaks that could lead to environmental harm and significant clean-up costs.  It also includes who to contact if a spill occurs in the Yukon or northern British Columbia.

How to Get a Copy of the Guide

The Guide to Home-heating Oil Tanks is available through Yukon-based furnace repair businesses and heating contractors, fuel oil delivery companies, Yukon Housing Offices, Yukon Fire Marshal and Building Safety offices, and City of Whitehorse Bylaw.  First Nations will be receiving copies of the Guide for distribution to their members. You can also visit the Yukon Housing Corporation website to download a copy of the new Guide to Home-heating Oil Tanks.

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