Manitoba 2014 flood recovery


Flooding in April 2014 and a severe storm at the end of June 2014 in southern Manitoba led to flood emergencies in many First Nations.

Residents of 14 First Nation communities were displaced due to the flooding, some as a result of mould in housing that began after floodwaters receded. Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) worked with the First Nations to ensure that displaced residents could return to their home communities as soon as it was safe to do so.

As of August 1, 2019, displaced residents, who wished to do so, have returned home to the following 11 First Nations communities:

ISC continues to work with the remaining 3 First Nations to address damage caused and bring their displaced residents home. The First Nations that still have residents displaced from 2014 are:

Services to flood evacuees from the Canadian Red Cross

In emergencies such as fire and flood, the Canadian Red Cross provides services for evacuees in Manitoba on behalf of ISC. This may include:

ISC signed a 5 year agreement with the Canadian Red Cross, effective April 1, 2017, to support Manitoba First Nations in emergency situations, including managing response and evacuations due to flood, fire and other circumstances. The Red Cross will also work with Manitoba First Nations in preparing the communities for potential emergencies. Under the agreement, ISC has committed $5.8 million over five years for the Canadian Red Cross to provide these services. The Canadian Red Cross is investing an additional $2.9 million to provide emergency resources and personnel support to Manitoba First Nations.

2014 Manitoba flood evacuee summary

Accommodations for remaining Manitoba 2014 flood evacuees

Significant progress has been made to bring home displaced First Nation residents from the 2014 flood in Manitoba but there are still displaced residents from three communities.

The chart below sets out the number of remaining 2014 flood evacuees by First Nation and by type of accommodation as of January 2, 2020.

ISC supports hotel accommodation in some cases where additional supports for individuals with special needs are required.

Evacuees by accommodation type
Type of accommodation Number of evacuees
Private and rental accommodations 174
Hotel accommodations 2
Total current evacuees 176
Evacuees by First Nation
First Nation Hotel Private/rental accommodations Total
Ebb and Flow First Nation   32 32
Peguis First Nation 2 131 133
Pine Creek First Nation   11 11
Total 2 174 176
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