Follow-up Audit of Capacity Development - Follow-up Report Status Update as of December 31, 2013

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Action Plan Implementation Status Update Report to the Audit Committee - As of December 31, 2013


Follow-up Audit of Capacity Development
Approval Date: 20-09-2013
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   Completion Date   
   Program Response   
1. AANDC should strengthen the focus on capacity development in its proposed policies and program activities through the following actions:

i. The Senior ADM PSD, with the support of the Senior ADM RO, the CFO, and the ADM NAO, should work with all ADMs to establish departmental capacity development priorities and/or principles to guide the Department in making improvements to its capacity development policies and program activities. Due consideration should be given to opportunities for each program to enforce synergies with other programs and support the broader capacity development needs of First Nations communities, people, institutions and professional organizations.
i. Coordinate the development and approval through the Operations Committee of core principles to guide the department in establishing key priorities for capacity development programming. Spring 2014  
ii.The Senior ADM PSD, with the support of the Senior ADM RO, the CFO, and the ADM NAO, should work with all ADMs to ensure that the policy development and program design and approval functions of the Department include an appropriate process and challenge function to ensure that the Department's capacity development principles and/or priorities are considered and reflected in all policy and program proposals, and that planned capacity development activities are sufficient to achieve the Department's capacity development priorities. ii. Following approval of the key principles related to capacity development, work to align implementation with existing strategic investment planning and policy approval processes. Fall 2014
2. The Senior ADM PSD, with support of all AANDC senior executives, should:

i. Facilitate the establishment of research and data analysis priorities to support the Government of Canada in improving First Nations capacity development approaches and programming; and,
i. Develop options for the development of a strategic research plan that will outline research priorities. Spring 2014  
Lead on production of the 2011 Community Well-Being Index based on data from the NHS. Spring 2014
As a member of the interdepartmental ADM committee on the use of administrative data, promote the need for and the use of data related to Aboriginal peoples. Fall 2014
ii. Review and clarify the department's role as a coordinator and facilitator of research and programming focused on First Nations capacity development, with other Government departments, academia and other stakeholders interested in researching and investing in First Nations capacity development. ii. Facilitate discussions around aboriginal research, data collection and information management, including issues related to capacity development, thru the Aboriginal Information Management Committee, which meets periodically. The committee includes representatives of federal departments with aboriginal mandates and NAOs. Winter 2014
Develop options to collect information on departmental investments in research. Fall 2014
3. The Chief Financial Officer, with support of the Senior ADM RO and ADM NAO, should review and improve linkages between the General Assessment, Default Prevention and Management regime and capacity development program activities to ensure that First Nations with the greatest capacity development needs and potential are given appropriate focus by regions and programs. The Chief Financial Officer (TPCOE), the Senior ADM RO Sector and the ADM NAO will work together to develop a national Case Management Approach including a template. This will be a formal, documented process to ensure that particular concerns and recipient capacity issues are brought to the attention of Senior Management at an overall national review at least twice a year, for information and decisions on actions required. November 2013 Status: Request to Close - Completed
As of 31/12/2013:

The Chief Financial Officer in working with the Senior ADM-RO and the ADM-NAO developed a national Case Management approach, including a template and tools to support implementation (e.g., bulletin and frequently asked questions).

Currently, each region implements its own version of a Case Management approach. The Chief Financial Officer sector has proposed a standard national Case Management approach to have a consistent national framework. We will learn from this experience through regions and refine it accordingly.

AES: Implemented. The recommendation will be closed.
4. The Senior ADM RO, with support of the Chief Financial Officer, Senior ADM PSD and program ADMs, should analyze the Department's capacity development investments across regions and programs to determine whether program and community-level approaches and funding allocations are informed by the capacity-related needs of communities, considerate of risk, and aligned with departmental priorities for capacity development.

Based on the results of analysis, and guided by AANDC's immediate capacity development priorities, the Senior ADM RO and program ADMs, with support of the Chief Financial Officer, should act upon opportunities to strengthen capacity development activities within each AANDC program.
The Senior ADM RO will lead an analysis of AANDC's investments in capacity development across regions. Results and recommendations will be presented to a senior governance committee for approval, with plan to better align spending with capacity development objectives and recipient need. December 2014  
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