Professional Land Management Certification Program

Train to become a certified First Nations land manager or officer.

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About the program

The Professional Land Management Certification Program (PLMCP) was created in partnership between Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, the University of Saskatchewan, and the National Aboriginal Land Managers Association (NALMA). The PLMCP offers professional training to First Nations land managers so that they may strengthen their knowledge and skills through a two-level process:

The goal of this program is to help First Nations build capacity to effectively manage their lands and environment under the Indian Act.

It covers costs such as:

Post-secondary training

The post-secondary training (otherwise known as the Kanawaihetayan Askiy Program) is delivered by the University of Saskatchewan and provides new land managers with the basic knowledge they need to manage the legal and environmental aspects of their reserve lands.  Starting in April every year, the program takes 12 months to complete and requires both on-campus and at-home study periods.

A Level 1 certificate of achievement is received from the University of Saskatchewan upon successful completion. Post-secondary training must be completed before technical training can begin.  

Technical training

Technical training is delivered by NALMA and also takes 12 months to complete. This training gives new land managers practical, hands-on experience to manage the day-to-day legal and environmental obligations of lands management on reserve. 

To complete this training, a participant must finish:

  • five technical courses, each conducted over a one-week period
  • one online technical course conducted over a five week study period
  • 37 hours of relevant work experience

A Level 2 certificate of achievement is received from NALMA recognizing the successful completion of the technical training.

After completing the post-secondary training and the technical training, graduates will receive certification from NALMA recognizing their expertise in First Nations lands and environment management.

Who can attend?

Anyone can participate and be certified through the PLMCP as a lands manager. 

However, First Nations participating in Reserve Lands and Environment Management Program (RLEMP) will receive funding to have one employee certified through the PLMCP.  First Nations are also welcome to self-fund and certify as many other land managers as they wish.


The deadline to register for post-secondary training at the University of Saskatchewan is February 15. First Nations are encouraged to start this process early to ensure that there is space in the program.

The registration deadline for technical training with NALMA is April 1.  Participants should contact NALMA directly to register.

First Nations in RLEMP who wish to certify their first land manager should work with their regional office to be approved for funding.

Contact us

For more information about the PLMCP, please:

  1. contact your regional office or INAC Public Enquiries at 1-800-567-9604 and ask to speak with the Reserve Lands and Environment Management specialist in your region
  2. email
  3. contact NALMA directly
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