Reserve Land and Environment Management Program (RLEMP)


Objectives and Results

The RLEMP provides financial support to First Nation communities, First Nation institutions and professional development organizations for services associated with Indian Act land and environmental management services.

The RLEMP is a comprehensive and integrated land, resource and environment management program designed to succeed and expand upon the Regional Land Administration Program (RLAP) and to incorporate the 53/60 Delegated Authority program.

The RLEMP is expected to enhance decision-making at the community level in regards to land use and increase the capacity of First Nations.  As a result, the community will be able to take advantage of land-based economic development opportunities on reserve and to facilitate a First Nation community's transition beyond the Indian Act into more sophisticated land management regimes such as the First Nations Land Management (FNLM) regime or comprehensive self-government.

Eligible Recipients

Eligible recipients of the RLEMP are:

  • First Nations;
  • Tribal Councils;
  • Aboriginal organizations;
  • Aboriginal corporations;
  • Training institutions and professional development organizations; and
  • Other groups performing land management functions on behalf of First Nations

Eligible Projects and Activities

Eligible projects and activities address:

  • Land and environmental management activities on reserve lands under the Indian Act (i.e., leases, permits, individual land holdings)
  • Environmental management activities associated with land interests (i.e., environmental site assessments, audits, etc.)
  • Compliance activities
  • Development of the skills and knowledge of the First Nation Land Manager/Officer
  • Development and implementation of Community Land Use Plan, Community Environmental Sustainability Plan and/or Compliance Framework

Eligible Expenditures

Eligible expenditures to support projects and activities are:

  • Trainee costs (i.e., tuition, expenses)
  • Training delivery (i.e., development and maintenance of Professional Land Management and Certification Program)
  • Salaries and wages, including benefits
  • Travel, including transportation, accommodations, meals, allowances
  • Overhead and minor equipment
  • Professional fees and services (i.e. legal, accounting, land appraisals, surveys, etc.)

Application Requirements

To access their allocations, First Nations that are eligible for capacity development funding will apply initially through a Band Council Resolution requesting to join the RLEMP  and the Professional Land Management Certification Program.

To assist in determining if a community is prepared to benefit from the program, an Entry Criteria and Capacity  assessment will be conducted. These assessments will be mandatory and will be used by First Nations and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development ) to prepare, select and prioritize First Nations for enrolment in the program. 

Once the assessment is done, First Nations will be required to submit a Band Council Resolution accepting the terms and conditions, then  the First Nation will enter the program (i.e., training requirements, roles and responsibilities, milestones).

Third party recipients identified as Professional Land Management Certification Program delivery partners applying for funding must submit an annual funding proposal.  The proposal must include at a minimum:

  • Description of deliverables
  • Scope of work, including program responsibilities
  • Detailed financial estimate for training activities
  • Expected outcomes
  • Proposed performance measurements

Funding Level

RLEMP land management funding will be allocated each year to AANDC's regional office for distribution to eligible recipients. Funding will be allocated based on the RLEMP funding formula.

Funding to training deliverer partners will be allocated each year by AANDC.

Terms and Conditions of Funding Agreements

Terms and conditions in funding agreements with recipients will include:

  • Monthly expenditure Plan and Schedule of Payment for annual funding allocation.
  • Program and Service Delivery Requirements
  • Reporting Requirements for the year

For more information on RLEMP, call
1-800-567-9604 or