Millbrook First Nation: Truro Power Centre

See how the Millbrook First Nation Truro Power Centre is creating opportunities for businesses to prosper in the local economy.

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Alex Cope, Band Administrator, Millbrook First Nation

The Millbrook First Nation is located inside the boundary of the Town of Truro and the Colchester Regional Municipality. We also have three other First Nations in Cole Harbour, Sheet Harbour and Beaver Dam.

There are about 1,750 band members in Millbrook, 850 live on reserve. There always has been a strong entrepreneurial spirit in this community. Thirty years ago, my father was a tradesman and he worked hard at that, and he employed 20/30 people in the reserve.

We have a lot of commercial properties, two apartment buildings, one a 56 unit, one a 49 unit building. We have other lease properties, one of the bigger ones would be the General Dynamics building.

Chief Bob Gloade, Chief, Millbrook First Nation

We also have economic development in the areas of fishing which we have been involved in for over 20 years. We're also involved in sustainable food, raising our own Arctic Char.

But the main economic development success that we've had is our Truro Power Centre.

Lloyd Johnston, Councillor, Former Economic Development Officer, Millbrook First Nation

The Power Centre is approximately 80 acres and it's a mix of commercial and some light industrial.

Chief Bob Gloade, Chief, Millbrook First Nation

The thing that makes it successful is its location. Within a three hour distance, there's approximately 1.3 million residents that live within a close travelling distance.

Glenn Squires, CEO, Pacrim Hospitality Services

We had negotiated the rights to develop Super 8 Motels in Eastern Canada. In looking for a location we got introduced to Millbrook and the Power Centre site. We discovered we had a common purpose, a common set of ideals, and that got us off on a great start.

Alex Cope, Band Administrator, Millbrook First Nation

We have a land development officer, we have an economic development officer, and we have an economic development committee so if you're going to be working in Millbrook, you know that you have a team that's solely there to be working for you to help you expedite that process.

Chief Bob Gloade, Chief, Millbrook First Nation

The long-term objective for our community is sustainability and providing opportunities for all generations, from our youth to our elders in our community to be successful.

Carley Gloade, Native Employment Office Coordinator, Millbrook First Nation

We've trained almost 80 individual band members using money from the Mi'kmaw employment secretariat and the revenue from the Power Centre and it's helping us to lower our unemployment rate within the community.

Joyce Mingo, Executive Director, Central Nova Tourist Association, Glooscap Heritage Centre and Mi'kmaw Museum

We have quite a few Millbrook residents that work here on a full time basis, here at the only Aboriginal museum dedicated to Mi'kmaw culture that is open year round.

Gordon Pictou, Program Director, Glooscap Heritage Centre and Mi'kmaw Museum

I live in this community. I grew up here, but then I moved away, and came back when I had my children. It's a great place to live, there's all kinds of great youth programs, seniors programs.

Alex Cope, Band Administrator, Millbrook First Nation

I'm most proud that the band's success is everybody's success. Every essential service that is provided in Millbrook has been supplemented by the economic development success of the Millbrook band. We look after our people in Millbrook.

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