Community Opportunity Readiness - How can I apply?

Your application must be complete and in a level of detail appropriate to the level of funding being sought. Applicants may submit a brief Statement of Intent prior to submitting a full application so the Department may determine whether the project meets program criteria and advise on the development of the full application.

Required project information may include:

  1. Full name, address, phone number, and description of the applicant.
  2. Information on the applicant's financial situation.
  3. A description of the applicant's management and organizational capacity.
  4. A detailed description of the proposed project and activities to be undertaken, including:
    • Project description
    • Project objectives
    • Project timelines
    • Project scope
    • Project deliverables
  5. Relevant documentation related to any partnership agreements or commitments.
  6. A cost forecast of the project, including:
    • Details of financing from all sources
    • Uses of funds
    • Identification and justification of costs
    • Identification of other sources of funding, including applicant equity, commercial financing, and other sources of government funding
  7. Project organizational structure
  8. Anticipated economic benefits of the project, such as:
    • Expected outcomes
    • Proposed performance measures to be used at the end of the project to assess community economic benefits
    • Where appropriate:
      • Compliance with laws and regulations
      • Environmental effects and proposed mitigation measures
      • Land tenure requirements
      • Operating, maintenance and repair plan