Procurement Opportunities at Giant Mine

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) facilitates open, fair and transparent procurement services to the government at best value. Having learned from past experience, and through our dedication to continuous improvement, we have ensured procurement is conducted fairly and effectively for the benefit of Canadians.

PWGSC plays a stewardship role in protecting the values of openness, transparency and integrity in the procurement system. When we procure goods and services on behalf of departments and agencies, we make sure that the right practices are used, and that fairness is monitored, so that, in the end, the best value for Canadians is attained.

To support this mandate, PWGSC has identified a framework of principles. These principles include:

  • Client Service - PWGSC will make every reasonable effort to satisfy the operational requirements of its clients, while obtaining the best value in each procurement process;
  • National Objectives - PWGSC procurement activities will advance established government policies, within the limits imposed by international trade obligations;
  • Competition - PWGSC procurement will be competitive, with specific exceptions;
  • Equal Treatment - PWGSC will ensure that all potential bidders of a particular requirement are subject to the same conditions; and,
  • Accountability - PWGSC is accountable for the integrity of the contracting process.

Procurement processes managed by PWGSC will be consistent with, Canada's legal and policy requirements, as well as national and international trade agreements, Applicable Land Claim Agreements, and Treasury Board Contracting Policies.

The majority of the work associated with the Giant Mine Remediation project, in terms of value and scope, will be tendered and awarded by PWGSC's Acquisitions Branch, in compliance with Government of Canada contracting policies, regulations and practices. Active solicitations (Request for Proposals - RFPs) are available on

Giant Mine related tenders can be found by using the key words "Giant Mine" in the search field.