Roaster Complex Deconstruction

As part of the Giant Mine Remediation Project, Parsons Canada Ltd. is decontaminating and deconstructing the roaster complex. Work started in June 2013 and is scheduled to be complete by December 2014. Parsons Canada Limited is working with Yellowknife-based companies Det'on Cho Corporation and Det'on Cho Nahanni as well as four other companies: Tervita, Enviro-Vac, Williams Engineering, and International Chimney.

The project started with a structural check to finalize the plan on the safest way to proceed. Scaffolding was then installed before each structure was sealed to prevent air from escaping.


Negative air pressure inside each building is used to draw air and any potential contaminants and dust inward to prevent any leakage to the environment. In addition, all of the air inside the shrink-wrapped enclosure is filtered before release. The initial process of arsenic and asbestos removal is done with a specially designed hazardous debris vacuum which picks up the contaminants and places them into sealed bags. This ensures that the material does not come into contact with the atmosphere. Surfaces within the buildings are washed, inspected and tested to confirm complete decontamination. All material collected is packaged, cleaned and removed from the structure.

Arsenic waste is safely and securely stored on site for disposal, while non-arsenic hazardous waste is properly disposed of at a licensed facility. The water used to control dust is captured, treated, and discharged into an onsite waste water treatment system. There will be no discharge of waste water into the environment.


Only when the roaster complex is clean of hazardous materials does deconstruction begin. The structures are dismantled in a step-by-step and controlled fashion by using specialized equipment and techniques while ensuring safety. While the structure is under shrink wrap, all of the interior contents are removed, followed by the removal of the roof and building siding. Once the interior is cleared and portions of the structure have been taken down, the shrink wrap is removed so that the remaining portions of the building can be dismantled.

Health & Safety

Safety and preservation of the environment are top priorities for this deconstruction work. There is ongoing monitoring of air through all phases of the project and it is managed through many programs. Williams Engineering oversees a comprehensive monitoring program around the roaster complex. Additional oversight is performed by independent third parties. In addition to the roaster worksite, there is dedicated air monitoring at the Giant Mine boundary and at fixed locations in the community.