Ongoing Site Management

INAC continues to ensure that the Giant Mine site is safely managed in order to protect the health and safety of local residents, and the environment.

Care and maintenance activities at Giant Mine will continue while the Remediation Plan is undergoing regulatory review. This includes risk management, regular care and maintenance and emergency planning.

Risk management

The Giant Mine Remediation Project Team is proceeding with a Site Stabilization Plan to deal with urgent risks at the site, resulting from developing site conditions. Work has already begun to address some of these risks, while others require extensive planning before they can begin.

The Giant Mine infrastructure and underground mine workings are more than 60 years old, and pose potentially serious health and safety risks to on-site workers, the public and the environment if left unmanaged. Based on ongoing assessments and recent events on site, some elements require immediate action to reduce some of these risks.

The work must meet the requirements of the regulatory process. For that reason, the Project Team is working closely with the regulators, specifically the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board, the City of Yellowknife and the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board.

The Project Team is also working with parties to the Environmental Assessment, including the Yellowknives Dene First Nation. The Project Team is committed to conduct this work in a timely manner to ensure the health and safety of the public and environment.

The roaster complex buildings, including the stack, at the Giant Mine site.

Activities to address several of the high risk elements on the site include:

  • the demolition and removal of the roaster complex (underway)
  • engineering review of underground workings (underway)
  • review risks associated with underground flooding by Baker Creek (underway)
  • securing cladding on various buildings (underway)
  • the demolition and removal of a section of the mill conveyor gallery (complete)
  • investigative drilling to further inform underground stabilization (complete)
  • secure C-shaft, including removal of cladding from headframe (complete)
  • increase bank height along Baker Creek (complete)
  • finalize work on Jo-Jo Lake historic tailings (complete)
  • stabilizing portions of the B1 Pit wall (complete)

For more information on the Site Stabilization Plan contact the Giant Mine Remediation Project Office at (867) 669-2426 or visit the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board's Giant Mine public registry.

Regular Care and Maintenance

In anticipation of implementing the full remediation plan, the Giant Mine Project Team maintains and secures the site through a contractor, currently Deton'Cho Nuna Logistics Joint Venture. Since 2005, Deton'Cho Nuna has been awarded four consecutive multi-year contracts, all through competitive processes conducted through Public Works and Government Services Canada. The contractor ensures the mine remains in compliance with relevant environmental regulations, maintains site security and public safety, maintains facilities maintenance, manages mine water, treats effluent and monitors the site.

Two workers conduct care and maintenance activities on the Giant Mine site's piping with buildings, including the former conveyor gallery in the background.

As part of its contracts, Deton'Cho Nuna Joint Venture has been encouraged to maximize Aboriginal employment, sub-contracting and on-the-job training opportunities, and involve local, regional and Aboriginal citizens and businesses in its proposals.

Another contractor, Clark Builders, was hired as an interim construction manager. This contractor will carry out upgrades and repairs to the Giant Mine site in order to keep the site safe for workers, the public and the environment prior to the full remediation plan getting underway.

Work under this contract may include upgrading the effluent treatment plant, decommissioning aged electrical infrastructure, investigative drilling, constructing a storage facility and stabilizing portions of Baker Creek.

Clark Builders also made an Aboriginal Opportunities Consideration (AOC) commitment for its advisory services and it will also be required to include an AOC in each of its tendered work packages, and to report on and monitor this monthly.

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