Right of Way Agreement

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  I, the undersigned ____________________________________ no. ____________ Indian Band, lawfully in possession of lot __________________________ Indian Band, lawfully in possession of lot _______________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Indian Reserve no.____________, Province of Québec, grant to the occupant of lot ___________________________, a foot right of way__________________ ___________________________________________________________________,
as shown on ________________________________________________________
This right of way does no transfer title to the land referred herein and will be binding upon the parties thereto, their respective heirs, administrators, successors and assigns as the case may be.

Dated at ______________________ this___________ day of_______________ 20_____.



I, __________________________________ of_______________ in the Province of_____________________________________, make Oath and say:

  1. That I was personally present and did see the within instrument duly executed by:_________________________________________

  2. That I know the said party and that the said party in my belief is the full age of______________years.

  3. That I am the subscribing witness to the said instrument.


Sworn before me at________________________, Province of________________, this_______ day of______, 20______.

Commissioner for Oaths Notary Public Commissioner under
Section 108 of the Indian Act.

Execution by mark:

Where the agreement is signed by mark the following should be added to the attestation clause: "The said agreement having been first truly and audibly read over to him when he appeared to understand it, and made his mark hereto in our presence as aforesaid".

INTER GOL301-013E (2012-04-01)