The Federal Government's Approach to Sustainable Development

Since its Royal Assent in June 2008, the Federal Sustainable Development Act provides the "legal framework for developing and implementing a Federal Sustainable Development Strategy that will make environmental decision-making more transparent and accountable to Parliament."

Canada's first Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) was tabled in October 2010. It contains the Government of Canada's priorities for sustainable development, organized under four priority themes:

  1. Addressing Climate Change and Air Quality
  2. Maintaining Water Quality and Availability
  3. Protecting Nature
  4. Shrinking the Environmental Footprint - Beginning with Government

AANDC, like other government departments, is responsible for preparing a Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy (DSDS) that supports and contributes to the FSDS. The DSDS is tabled through the Report on Plans and Priorities.

The Government of Canada is looking for input from Canadians on the draft second cycle of the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS), covering the period 2013 to 2016. Canadians are encouraged to submit comments before June 14, 2013 on the advancement of federal sustainable development initiatives by visiting Environnement Canada.

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