Waste Sites Clean-up

The Waste Management Program

Since 1991, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada's (AANDC) Waste Management Program has assessed, inventoried and/or cleaned up 878 waste sites in Yukon.

In 2015, the program achieved a major milestone by completing all field work, which involved cleaning up waste sites across the territory. AANDC is committed to the ongoing monitoring of waste sites and working with the Government of Yukon to establish responsibility for newly discovered sites.

Clean-up costs ranged from a few thousand dollars to a few million, depending on the size and complexity of a waste site. Prior to clean up, the sites contained unwanted or hazardous materials such as fuel barrels or contamination and in some cases, abandoned buildings.

Waste sites in Yukon

Federal and territorial laws have evolved over time and now regulate waste from being left behind on Yukon land. The territory has a long history of development, including pipelines, mining and military activity which have left waste and environmental contamination that AANDC's Waste Management Program has aimed to address. Program sites are located from as far north as the coast of the Beaufort Sea and down to the Yukon-British Columbia border.

Who is responsible for waste sites in Yukon?

Where the Government of Yukon is responsible for Yukon waste sites created after devolution (2003), the federal government is responsible for waste sites created before devolution.

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