AANDC offers a range of social programs and individuals services for First Nations clients.

Income Assistance
We provide income assistance for status First Nations people in the Whitehorse area who cannot meet their basic needs for food, clothing and shelter.

Assisted Living
We provide assisted living for status First Nations people with special needs, such as seniors and persons with disabilities.

Other Social Resources
Many Yukon organizations provide social services support. We maintain a current list of other community resources offering employment services, emergency shelter and food, counselling and support services, and youth services.

Registering for Indian Status
We help people apply for Indian status. Registering for Indian status lets you access a wide range of government programs and benefits.

Wills and Estates Programs
We help families manage the estates of deceased, minor or mentally incompetent status First Nations individuals.

Education Programs
We provide post-secondary education funding to status First Nations students enrolled in a university or college entrance program, certificate, diploma, degree, masters or PhD program.

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