Land Management Capacity

Legal rights to and interests in land are an important part of many economic development activities on reserve, such as building homes, providing utilities or bringing businesses to the community. The more authority and responsibility First Nations have for managing the legal rights to and interests in land, the easier it may be to promote these activities. Increasing the capacity of First Nations in land management and the administration of the Indian Act supports economic development on reserve.

Reserve Land and Environment Management Program (RLEMP)

The Reserve Land and Environment Management Program supports First Nations in exercising increased responsibility over their reserve land, resources and environment. By the end of the program, First Nations take on Indian Act land management activities on behalf of the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. The program provides training and development and the opportunity for management of reserve lands by First Nations.

RLEMP has been designed to incorporate land use planning, environmental monitoring and compliance management into land management activities, in addition to administration of the Indian Act. RLEMP can facilitate the movement of First Nations from the Indian Act to First Nations Land Management or self-government through greater capacity to sustainably manage their own lands, resources and environment.

What Information is Available?

For further information contact your regional AANDC office or AANDC headquarters:

Community Economic Development Directorate
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
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