Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada Service Charter

AANDC is responsible for three mandates: 1) Indian and Inuit Affairs; 2) Northern Development; and 3) Office of the Federal Interlocutor. AANDC's activities under this triple mandate support Canada's Aboriginal people and Northerners in the pursuit of healthy and sustainable communities and broader economic and social development objectives.

In order to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients, AANDC is committed to providing services that are:

Knowledgeable, Professional, Responsive and Timely: AANDC employees will use knowledge, experience and expertise to provide quality service, responding to, and where appropriate, proactively engaging those we serve in a courteous, impartial and transparent manner that is as timely as possible. Employees will treat people with respect, dignity and cultural sensitivity.

Helpful: AANDC employees strive to be available and supportive to those whom we serve by providing clear, accurate and relevant information about our services and programs.

Accessible: AANDC services are delivered in a manner that promotes the participation of persons with disabilities and respects their dignity, independence and integration.

Respectful of Official Languages: AANDC will provide services to clients in the official language of their choice where required by the Official Languages Act.

Accountable: AANDC is committed to reviewing, evaluating and communicating our performance to those whom we serve and to continuously improve its service, taking into consideration feedback received.

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