Table 2. Strategic Goals Summary

BUSINESS LINES Renew Partnerships Support Healthy Communities Obtain Sufficient Knowledge of the Resource Use Monitoring Data Better Improve Efficient/Effective Delivery
Water Quality/Quantity Baseline Network
  • Increase partners' participation in planning
  • Consider priority for planning
  • Improve network with studies
  • Maintain capacity for EA
  • Maintain for transboundary
  • Maintain for climate change
  • Focus on Central Arctic and Keewatin
  • Clean-up of stations
  • Improve strategic location of stations
  • Evaluate annually
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Focus on real time data
Specific Water Monitoring Studies  
  • Address cumulative effects
  • Focus on communities and ecosystems
  • Strengthen link with NCP
  • Address cumulative effects
  • Focus on communities and ecosystems
  • Seek more inter agency links
  • Maintain
Applied Research  
  • Focus on communities and drinking water sources
  • Focus on mineral and oil and gas development
  • Focus on regulatory
  • Use ecosystem indicators and models
Partnerships and Public Participation
  • Identify partner needs and expectations
  • Improve dissemination
  • Involve all stakeholders
  • Involve partners in end products design
  • Develop water quality indices to give certainty
  • Implement interpretive system
  • Use selfassessment and feedback