Petroleum and Environmental Management Tool Disclaimer

The data and information presented in this tool are provided for the purposes of resource management planning and oil and gas rights issuance. The tool allows the mapping of  certain environmental and cultural sensitivities overlain on economic resource potential.


  • Read the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.
  • Data and information provided in the PEMT have been developed and will be further refined through consultation with resource management partners.  Oil and Gas Management Directorate (OGMD) does not collect and has not interpreted or screened environmental data or information provided to it.  Users are strongly urged to consult appropriate expert authorities to be fully informed on the state of knowledge regarding particular environmental information.
  • Assignment of sensitivity rankings of environmental information is a subjective process. Explanations for these rankings are included in referenced materials and reflect the expert opinion of an environmental consultant, not OGMD.
  • PEMT uses certain averaging techniques to characterize sensitivity values at the resolution of grid squares. This allows quantitative comparisons to be made at a scale relevant to oil and gas rights issuance. The averaging techniques are explained in documentation. Users should refer back to the base map layers for characterization of the original data.
  • There should be no presumption by users that the PEMT presents all relevant data and information. PEMT should not in any way be regarded as a substitute for data and information which may be submitted in the course of regulatory approvals of oil and gas activities.