Oil and Gas Rights Digital Files

Download Northern Oil and Gas Digital Files

Digital boundaries for existing exploration licences, significant discovery licences, production licences, former permits, former leases and the Norman Wells Proven Area are available for download. The digital boundaries provided have been generalized and may contain errors. Users should be alert to limitations with respect to resolution.

The digital files are provided in Shapefile format. Attribute data can be found as tables in PDF formats and Microsoft Excel, which contains: Title Id, Representative Name, Region, Date of Issuance, Expiry Date, and Area in hectares. These files are updated on a regular basis but may not be current on a particular day. Clients are cautioned to contact the Rights Administrator to confirm the accuracy or currency of information contained herein.

Users should note that the legal descriptions of these rights using grid and section number as prescribed by the Canada Oil and Gas Land Regulations are to be found in the title documents, copies of which may be obtained on application to the Registrar. Users should also note that the digital file is incomplete for Hudson Bay: outlines of former oil and gas permits in this area will be added in due course. Exploration is not active in this area.

Queries regarding specific licences should be addressed to the Rights Administrator, Northern Oil and Gas Directorate, telephone (819) 639-7481.

Current Titles & Attributes
Download Format Size Updated
Attribute table (Microsoft Excel) 67 Kb 2017-09-01
Attribute table (PDF) 25 Kb 2017-09-01
Shapefile* 26 Kb 2017-09-01

*Please note, shapefile is in North American Datum 1927.

Title Codes

Exploration Licence
Significant Discovery Licence
Production Licence
Oil and gas lease under the former regulations (Canada Oil and Gas Land Regulations)
Norman Wells Proven Area
Exploratory permit issued under the former regulations (Canada Oil and Gas Land Regulations)
Former permit

Region Codes

Beaufort Sea
Mackenzie Delta
Mackenzie Valley
Hudson Bay/Strait
Eastern Arctic Offshore
Yukon Territory
Arctic Islands

Call Shapefiles

Download Description Size Updated
CallforBids2014_BSMD.zip BSMD Call for Bids 2013-2014 parcels 2 Kb 2013-10-18
NWT_Delimitation.zip Line of Delimitation
Note: Shapefile is for representational purposes only. The legal description of the Line of Delimination can be found in Schedule 18 of the Northwest Territories Lands and Resources Devolution Agreement.
125 Kb 2013-08-28
CallforBids2013_CMV.zip CMV Call for Bids 2012-2013 parcels (amended) 3 Kb 2013-06-26
CallforBids2013_AIN.zip AIN Call for Bids 2012-2013 parcels 2 Kb 2013-05-18
BSMDWinningBids2012.zip BSMD Winning Bids 2011-2012 3 Kb 2012-09-11
CMVWinningBids2012.zip CMV Winning Bids 2011-2012 3 Kb 2012-06-27
BSMDBid2012.zip BSMD Call for Bids 2011-2012 parcels 3 Kb 2012-04-28
CMVBid2012.zip CMV Call for Bids 2011-2012 parcels 118 Kb 2012-02-18
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