Contaminated Sites Management and Governance

Overall responsibility for the Contaminated Sites Program (CSP) rests with the Deputy Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) and the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Northern Affairs Program (NAP). Key decisions are supported through a committee process in four separate bodies. The figure bellow illustrates the roles and relationships of the principle governing bodies.

The Management Committee (MC) is responsible for resource allocation for multi-year projects for the entire department. It approves the funding for CSP. The key corporate governance body in the CSP is the Northern Management Committee (NMC). Chaired by the Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) of Northern Affairs and comprising regional and sector Directors General and Directors, this committee brings together senior operational and financial executives. The NMC approves and provides funding for an annual contaminated sites workplan. The NAP Contaminated Sites Management Steering Committee (CSMSC) is chaired by the Director General, Natural Resources and Environment with all NAP Regional Director Generals as contributing members. CSMSC provides overall direction to the Program and oversees implementation of approved projects. The NAP Contaminated Sites Management Working Team (CSMWT) is chaired by the CSP Manager, and consists of all Regional Program Managers and Project Managers.

The CSP is a decentralized program, implemented in the three Northern Regions located in each of the three territories. Primary front line responsibility for Program implementation rests with the Regions. Headquarters supports the Regions by providing program management support and strategic direction. Headquarters also provides regular progress reports on implementation and management, monitors optimal delivery and management of the CSP and participates in regular audits and evaluations.

Box #1 with words Management Committee, Box #2 with Northern Management Committee Box #3 with NAP Contaminated Sites Management Steering Committee and Box #4 with NAP Contaminated Sites Management working Team