Land Registration

The AANDC lands registries record property interests in First Nations lands. A land registry is a set of records that anyone can search to find out what ownership, leases, permits and other interests may apply to a parcel of land.

AANDC has three land registries. The registries are maintained in Ottawa and are web-based. They are accessible to First Nations, AANDC staff and the general public.

  • The Indian Land Registry System (ILRS) consists of documents related to and interests in reserve (and any surrendered) lands that are administered under the Indian Act.
  • The First Nations Land Registry System (FNLRS) is used for the land records of First Nations who operate under their own Land Code pursuant to the First Nations Land Management Act (FNLMA).
  • The Self-Governing First Nations Land Register (SGFNLR) is established in accordance with the terms of First Nations self-government agreements and record documents that grant an interest in self-governed First Nation lands.

AANDC personnel:

  • Maintain the Lands Registers pursuant to the Indian Act, First Nations Land Management Act and First Nations self-government agreements.
  • Examine, register and record documents (such as leases, allotments, designations and permits) that grant an interest or license in First Nation land.
  • Respond to inquiries by searching and providing information from the registries and provide copies of abstracted records and registered documents.
  • Provide access to and training on the land registries to AANDC and First Nation employees.
  • Maintain and update the Indian Lands Registration Manual which explains the procedures and requirements for registration of documents.

Access the land registries: You will need to create an account to use the system.