The Committee for the Advancement of Native Employment

The purpose of the Committee for the Advancement of Native Employment (CANE) is to examine, explore and recommend ways to increase the number of Aboriginal persons employed within AANDC, seek ways to retain these employees and improve the quality of their employment. To this end, CANE works co-operatively with senior management and other levels of the Department to recommend and facilitate change to Aboriginal employment policies and programs within the Department, and to address concerns raised by Aboriginal employees.

CANE's Terms of Reference are as Follows:

Membership is not formal. The committee provides a forum for all Aboriginal employees.

A CANE Executive Committee is responsible for following up on actions required to fulfil CANE's mandate. Members of the executive serve as spokespersons for the organization, and each maintains a working portfolio. They conduct regular meetings to communicate information to the membership, to receive information, and to listen to members' concerns which may require follow-up action.

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