What do you need when applying for a secure status card?

Find out what documents are required when applying for a secure status card.

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) does not charge for the secure status card. However, there are costs related to obtaining supporting documents, including photos. Each person must pay for their own documents, including photos, to support their application.

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What documents do you need to submit when applying for a secure status card as an adult?

If you are 16 or older and are applying for a status card, need to renew your card or have lost your card more than six months ago, you need the following documents to apply for your Secure Certificate of Indian Status (secure status card):

If you have changed your name, you also need to provide a legal document linking your previous name with your current name, such as a change-of-name certificate, a marriage certificate or a divorce order. A photocopy of the document is sufficient if you also provide acceptable valid identification with the name under which you are applying.

What documents are required for a child or dependent adult?

If you are applying for a child 15 or younger or a dependent adult, you need the following documents to apply for a Secure Certificate of Indian Status:

One parent or legal guardian must sign the application form. The parent or legal guardian must provide:

How will the original documents submitted be returned?

Original documents sent to INAC in support of a secure status card application will be returned to you.

INAC makes every possible effort to return original documents within one month after receiving an application.

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