Specific Claims

Specific claims deal with the past grievances of First Nations. These grievances relate to Canada's obligations under historic treaties or the way it managed First Nation funds or assets. The Government of Canada prefers to resolve these claims by negotiating settlements with First Nations. Negotiations lead to "win-win" solutions that bring closure, benefits and certainty for all Canadians.

Taking Action: Resolving Specific Claims

The Government of Canada is taking action to speed up the resolution of specific claims to provide justice to First Nation claimants and certainty for all Canadians.  Learn more about Canada's Specific Claims Action Plan.

Tracking Progress

This historic initiative is delivering concrete results.  See for yourself how the government is delivering on its commitment to resolve specific claims:

Why Negotiate?

The Government of Canada has a policy and process in place for resolving specific claims through negotiations.  Negotiated settlements help rebuild relationships and benefit all Canadians.

Read Canada's Specific Claims Policy and Process Guide.

Look and listen to videos and read about successfully negotiated specific claims across Canada.

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